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CPD, also known as Continuing Professional Development, is the commitment of professionals towards enhancing and developing their skills throughout their careers. CPD training can come in many different forms for individuals, each counting as CPD.

CPD training can include workshops, conferences, events, online courses and even just through employees sharing ideas with one another and learning. 

Richardson & Starling provide free CPD for professionals in specific industries. Our skilled trainers run workshops and lectures to educate and share knowledge on our areas of expertise. During these free CPD sessions, we mostly cover aspects of property preservation in relation to the specific sections but if individuals request us to expand on specific repairs we can cover this extra information. 
CPD presentation and training
It is important for us to share our knowledge with other specialists as it increases understanding of specific building issues and remedial action across other industries and professions.
The CPD training modules covered by Richardson & Starling are detailed below.

Damp in Buildings CPD

Given that damp is an extremely common problem in the UK which affects many homes and buildings it is no surprise that damp proofing is one of the most popular service offered by us here at Richardson & Starling.
At our free CPD for damp proofing, we cover a range of topics including types of damp. The types of damp we cover in the free CPD are usually:
Our experts will also cover ways in which you can identify damp in its varying forms, as well as the ways that we effectively deal with damp problems; our methods of damp proofing. These include:
  • Installing a Damp Proof Course (DPC) 
  • Installing a Damp Proof Membrane (DPM)
  • Integral Damp Proofing 
  • Renders & Surface Coating 
  • Remedial work to Cavity Wall Construction 
  • Stabilising the Property Relative Humidity
Damp proofing process
Correct diagnosis of the damp problem is paramount as wrong diagnosis and remedial repairs will be costly to the client. During this free CPD you should feel free to ask any questions you have and if there are aspects you would like us to go into in more detail, we can do this also.

Timber Infestation, Wet / Dry Rot & Woodworm CPD 

Rot is another common problem in many properties in the UK. Although wet and dry rot are two different types of fungi, they both occur as a result of timber in the property becoming damp. This free CPD session covers all aspects of wet and dry rot, how it occurs and how we help to prevent it. Included in this CPD is also woodworm infestation, which can affect all unprotected timber and can go hand in hand with types of rot.

With both wet and dry rot, the secret to getting rid of these types of rot is to remove the source of moisture. At the Richardson & Starling free CPD for wet/dry rot and woodworm we cover the various scenarios that cause the fungal attack to germinate on the timber. Correct diagnosis of the fungus is vital as this will determine the appropriate remedial repairs and treatment required to eradicate the infestation.

For the woodworm section of the CPD, we will cover the various types of woodworm, how to identify them and the damage they can cause to properties. We will then touch on the various ways we can eradicate them and avoid another infestation.

Condensation & Home Air Quality Control CPD and Product Presentation 

When it comes to dampness in the home, condensation is quite often to blame. When underestimated, it can lead to damaged decoration and furniture as well as causing unhealthy living conditions. One in five properties in the UK suffer from Condensation and Mould Growth and this is increasing due to the way properties are being built.
There are many ways condensation can be caused and these are all covered in the free CPD. We will also discuss how to diagnose a property with a condensation problem and the level of severity. Lastly, we will discuss how we tackle condensation in terms of property preservation. A major cause of Condensation is poor ventilation and our presentation shows how this can be fixed. We work in partnership with Envirovent, experts in ventilation and they provide our customers with a sophisticated home ventilation, condensation control unit to improve the quality of air in the property. 

Attending this free CPD will give you a deeper insight into the causes of condensation and the importance of improving the air quality of any home.
Air quality model within a house

Timber Window & Guaranteed External Timber Repairs CPD

Many professionals including architects are interested in our free CPD for timber window repair. Timber windows are still desired by many property owners. Many listed buildings were built with timber windows and as such any repairs to these need to be specific to the window type.

In this free CPD we cover the various types of timber window as well as the repairs which are commonly associated with them. Sash window repairs are a big part of what we do, as well as draught proofing so these are included in the CPD. There are many factors which can cause a fault with timber windows and we will cover these in detail – if you have any specific topics relating to timber windows you would like to cover in the CPD, let us know and we can cover this this.

As part of the CPD we cover how to carry out cost effective repairs on rot affected or damaged external timbers with a unique Timber Resin Repair system. This system only repairs the damaged timber and reduces the amount of fabric disturbed when doing traditional repairs. The Resin Repair works are guaranteed for the client’s peace of mind and deliver significant cost savings. 

Basement Waterproofing CPD 

Our Property Waterproofing specialists at Richardson & Starling deliver the free CPD on basement waterproofing. One of the most important aspects of any building in the UK, domestic or commercial, is that it is waterproofed above and below ground level to stop water getting into the property. Many of the property preservation issues we repair at Richardson & Starling are a direct result of a property becoming damp or wet.
Basement waterproofing CPD
Below ground waterproofing is designed to the British Standard BS8102 and at our CPD for below ground waterproofing we look at the different types of waterproofing available. We cover how to effectively waterproof below ground basements, cellars and structures. We have systems for every type of property and we will cover these systems in depth to show the appropriate waterproofing systems to suit the existing or proposed use of the property.

Everything you need to know and more about below ground waterproofing are covered in our CPD free of charge! Contact us today to find out how you can organise a CPD at your offices.

Structural Wall Repair and Restraint CPD

Existing masonry walls can suffer from cracks or bulges during their lifetime and our Structural Wall Defect CPD highlight the issues and the cost-effective way to carry out the appropriate repairs.

There are several methods which can be used to rectify structural problems. These depend on the nature of the problem but include such services as masonry crack stitching, lintel repairs, over beaming, expansion joints, lateral restraints and remedial wall ties. This list might seem pretty jargon-heavy however they will all be discussed and detailed at our CPD.

Public and Social Housing Remedial Repair CPD

This free CPD on public and social housing repair could be of interest to many people working in the public sector. Richardson & Starling have over 80 years’ experience in dealing with public and social housing repair. With this has come long standing relationships with many Government and local council bodies.

During this CPD we will cover the various types of public and social housing property issues and types of repair that must be coordinated mapping out the process from Survey to Completion of repairs. These Property Repairs affect the tenants and examples on how to facilitate the repairs keeping all stake holders informed and protected during the process will be covered at our free CPD.
Public and Social Housing Repair CPD seminar and training

Fire, Flood & Storm Damage Repair CPD 

Having either fire, flood or storm damage is something we all hope will never happen to us, unfortunately it is the type of damage which appears suddenly as opposed to appearing over a period of time.

At Richardson & Starling, we have dealt with many severe cases of fire, flood and storm damage and our free CPD will map out the process from Survey to Completion and how all interested stakeholders are involved in the process of the property repairs

During the free presentation, we will cover each type of damage and the different methods we use to repair these issues. If there is one aspect you are specifically interested in and would like to find out more about, simply contact our team so we can shape the CPD to your needs.

Book Your Free CPD 

If you are a professional interested in any one or multiple CPD courses, get in touch with your local branch today and we can arrange this for you. With over 80 years’ experience in property preservation and repair, we have been exposed to almost every type of property problem. 

With this experience and knowledge, we are happy to pass on our expertise and advice to those who require it. As mentioned previously, there is no charge for these free technical CPD courses. The seminars can be delivered at your offices or one of our Richardson & Starling offices across the country. Simply send us an enquiry and we will get back to you with timings and availability.

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