Cavity Wall Ties

Richardson & Starling offer several wall remedial services that include the installation of cavity wall ties. You should get in touch with our property repair experts if there are signs of movement, bulging or cracking affecting your property walls. This could be due to defective cavity wall ties within your property. Once we assess your walls we will be able to tell you if your property requires cavity wall tie replacements or not.
At Richardson and Starling, we have helped many clients in Scotland with structural wall repairs. Our teams are fully trained in cavity wall repairs and they will use their expertise to make the repair on your property both cost effective and non-intrusive.

Our property repair teams understand the strain of property problems and they will always aim to provide our customers with quality service and manage the process to conclusion. Our repairs come with a guarantee as we offer long-term solutions for peace of mind.

What Are Cavity Wall Ties?

If you are unfamiliar with property repairs, then we can break the process down for you. We would be more than happy to chat to you over the phone about cavity wall ties, however, we have provided a short guide on cavity wall ties for your information. 

In most cases, you will find that cavity wall ties are made of metal coated in bitumen or zinc. Cavity wall ties were introduced in the early 20th century and builders use wall ties to hold separated walls together forming a "cavity wall system". 
Nowadays, we use the current technology and products when installing cavity wall ties which means they are much more successful than the original ties, however, the technique to install the ties is very important. If you have noticed that your walls are showing signs of bulging or cracking then the wall ties may have begun to fail and we would recommend that you get in touch with a property care expert as soon as possible.

Signs of Damaged Wall Ties and Wall Tie Corrosion

Don’t panic. If you are concerned about damaged wall ties within your home, there are a few things you can check. If you notice any of the following tell-tale signs then this may indicate wall tie damage or failure and we recommend that you contact a wall crack repair expert at Richardson and Starling. 
  • Vertical or horizontal cracks in brickwork
  • Bulging Brickwork
  • Cracks or separation of window reveals
  • Lintels sagging
These signs will most likely get worse over time and in most cases, the visual damage will become more noticeable. If you have noticed any of these problems, we would suggest that you get in contact with our cavity wall tie team. 

We are confident that a diagnosis of the problem will be made and the proper specification for the remedial work given. We guarantee that we will provide you with a competent and trustworthy repair service that keeps your home in great condition.

Defective Cavity Wall Ties

If you have noticed vertical or horizontal cracks in brickwork, then something may be wrong with your cavity wall ties. Bricks often crack due to the expansion of corroded wall ties. This happens as the wall tie corrodes, rust or metallic oxide is produced and the wall tie thickness expands and takes up more space in the mortar joint of the wall than the original tie did. The bricks above and below the tie will begin to shift as they are being forced apart by the wall tie cracking the mortar bed. 
Bulging Brickwork can be another sign of defective cavity wall ties or there may not be enough wall ties installed when the wall was built. This bulging can occur again due to the corrosion of wall ties and the wall tie breaking free from its bond with the brickwork mortar. The wall can then move due to building loads or wind pressure. The brickwork has no choice but to bulge outwards as it is not tied into the building structure properly.

Similarly, if you have noticed cracks or separation of the window reveals this could be a sign of expansion and movement which is caused by defective wall ties not tying the walls together. You may also have defective wall ties if you noticed that the depth of the window reveal is inconsistent.
Evidence of Lintels above doors or windows, Lifting or Sagging can be another sign that your wall ties have broken their bond and this may also be caused by expansion movement. Lintels can be pushed upwards or downwards when this occurs. 

If you have noticed any of these signs there are things that we can do to diagnose these problems. This should be left in the hands of an expert to avoid any further damage. 

How do I Know if I Have a Cavity Wall?

The first think to do is determine the construction type of the wall. When brickwork is exposed you can tell by the brick pattern if the wall is solid or has a cavity construction. If the bricks have been laid in such a way that you have the majority of bricks laid lengthways and then you have a course of bricks that has been laid width ways then this is a good sign that the wall is solid.

If the brickwork is rendered one method that Richardson & Starling use is to drill through the outer wall of your property. A member of our team will be able to check if the wall is a cavity construction by using our borescope to inspect the hole to determine the wall construction.

Richardson & Starling Cavity Wall Tie Surveys

Our team of experts will use a combination of specialist equipment such as metal detectors, fibre optic borescopes, and low impact drills. We have access to some of the best equipment in the country and when it comes to spotting damaged cavity wall ties we can seamlessly detect, find and replace any defective cavity wall ties. 
Our service is fast and we will do our very best to minimise the impact of any works on your property. There is no escaping the repair of your cavity wall ties as they are an essential part of any building. 

Bear in mind that if your property is suffering from wall tie failure both skins become independent of each other. If you do not have your cavity walls repaired, you could by putting yourself and other in danger. As the role of a cavity wall tie is connecting the outer and inner brickwork or blockwork of a building to ensure that it is structurally sound it is important that the cavity wall ties are working properly and not defective. Our qualified team has vast experience in property repairs with experience being the key to our success. Get in touch with a member of our team now for more details.

Repairing and Replacing Cavity Wall Ties

At Richardson & Starling, we use the best quality products and materials which means our cavity wall ties provide a permanent and economical solution to cracked or damaged masonry walls. After our inspection, the problem may be that there are not enough wall ties in the wall to do the job properly and additional wall ties are required. If you would like to find out more about our fully experienced and qualified team of local surveyors located across Scotland and the North of England, get in touch with your local Richardson & Starling branch. 
We are experts when it comes to installing new cavity wall ties and we can do this with little distribution to your day to day life. Our team uses their decades of experience to complete first class wall repair work. The standard of work which we provide can be trusted from survey inspection to installation of the wall ties in a straight forward, quick and effective manner. 
If you are concerned about any element of property repair, call us today and we can talk you through your options.

History of Wall Ties

Where did wall ties come from? If this is a question that you have been wanting to ask, we have the answer for you. Originally, wall ties were used for housing construction and have become a common tool which is used for building properties and homes in the UK.

It is now the standard that any modern property is built with a cavity wall. Traditional 225mm solid walls have been replaced by the cavity wall construction. Its purpose is to split the solid wall with a thicker wall in two parts and a gap in the middle. Therefore, the wall ties effectively tie the two walls together, improving the stability of the walls. 

The cavity gives resistance to weather penetrating the property living space and helps improve the thermal performance of the wall.

Choose Richardson & Starling

We carry out wall tie remedial work all over Scotland and the North of England and if we have learned anything during our time working in the property repair industry it is that being methodical in all our work is required for successful repair works. 

No matter how big or small your cavity wall repair is we treat each customer with the utmost care. If you have any more questions about this service, we would encourage you to make a call to a member of our team at your local branch.

As property care experts, we believe that it is our duty to provide as much information as possible so our customers can make informed choices when it comes to repairs to their homes.

Thanks to your plasterer who did a good job and kept my property tidy.

Mrs Foote
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