Commercial Property Repairs

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Commercial Property Preservation & Repair

Commercial Property Repairs

Richardson and Starling have over 80 years-experience in providing commercial property repairs across Scotland and England. Our aim is always to provide our clients with cost effective property preservation and repair services for their commercial property. This is why we work with the client’s design team or main contractor to deliver a cost-effective specification for the required commercial property repairs. For this to happen it is important that a thorough and accurate survey is carried out by one of our surveyors. Our surveyors will inspect the property to identify if there are damp or timber infestation problems causing deterioration of the building fabric.

Commercial Property

A commercial property is one which is intended to make a profit or income from the rent that is received. This can cover an extremely broad range of properties – from offices to hotels, warehouses to retail units. Within commercial property there are hundreds of examples. Simply put they are typically divided into six categories:
  • Office Buildings – This could be any type of office, from one single unit to a skyscraper
  • Industrial – These can often be offices as well, but in a warehouse form 
  • Retail/Restaurant – This includes single units right up to multi-unit shopping centres 
  • Multifamily – Any type of apartment or flat complex, typically with 4 or more homes in it
  • Land – Includes everything from investment on undeveloped land to urban areas 
  • Miscellaneous – These typically include anything non-residential including hotels, medical centres or self-storage units.
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Every single one of the buildings within these categories will no doubt be in need of commercial property repairs at some point or another. As the owner of a commercial property you must be prepared for any eventuality and ensure that the residents of your commercial property face minimal disruptions during the repairs. 

What Happens When You Require Commercial Property Repairs?

As soon as you notice an issue, no matter how small, you should get in touch with your property repair contractors. Avoiding any issue, even a small one, could result in disastrous consequences. If a resident of your commercial property comes to you with an issue, then it is paramount this is dealt with. You could face huge fines if you ignore an issue that is reported and someone becomes hurt. 

For many commercial property holders, the fear is that it will disrupt the daily duties of their property and as such, disrupts the life of their tenants. This can often have financial implications which many cannot afford. As commercial building repair specialists, we are aware of the difficulties you face when in need of commercial property repairs. It is for this reason that we seek to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently, whilst not cutting any corners. 

One of our experienced surveyors could be with you the same day to assess the situation and provide you with a solution. Once we have identified what the problem is we can work towards putting in a cost and time effective solution which will ensure minimal disruption to your day to day activities.

Commercial Building Repair Service

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At Richardson & Starling we run a commercial building repair service across Scotland and the North of England. If you manage a commercial building, then it is paramount that you know the obligations you have in regards to commercial property repairs. As a commercial building owner one of the things you should be most prepared for is repairs that may need done. Property repair contactors such as Richardson & Starling can help greatly with this. Not only do we carry out commercial property repairs for almost every problem you can think of, we also price our jobs efficiently to ensure that our customers are getting a fair deal.

Commercial property repairs are not something you should cut corners on. It is for this reason that hiring a professional commercial building repair service is the only effective way to fix a problem in a commercial property. 

Cost Projection for Commercial Property Repairs

Feasibility surveys, reports and remedial costs are often requested by Architects, Surveyors, Developers and other clients to help assess a project’s viability. We, as a company, are aware of the need to eradicate dampness and destructive organisms. This is why Richardson & Starling approach all commercial property repairs with an understanding of the problems that exist coupled with the expertise to recommend the best course of action to preserve the building.

With all of our customers and commercial property repairs, including historical building repairs and social housing, we aim to provide a cost effective solution. This is what has made us a favourite with our customers for over 80 years, we strive to give an accurate cost projection for all of our jobs. In doing so you will have a realistic view of how much your commercial property repairs will cost. 

Commercial Property Repairs in the Field

Richardson and Starling have over 80 years - experience in providing commercial property repairs across a wide range of industries and companies, including:
  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • NHS
  • Banking 
  • Industrial 
  • Manufacturing
In each of these industries we have provided commercial property repairs and delivered preservation, building maintenance and refurbishment works. As with all our clients, we carry out a thorough survey to assess the repair situation and aim to come up with a time and cost-efficient solution to your problem.
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Types of Commercial Property Repairs We Provide

If you are a commercial property owner and are in need of commercial building repair and maintenance, then we are likely to have the solution to your problem. We have bases all over Scotland and the North of England so will never be too far away when you need us. The commercial property repairs we could provide for you include, but are not limited to: 
If you have a specific job in mind, then get in touch with us today. The chances are if we are unable to help with your problem then we will know someone who will, having been in business since 1935 we have seen almost every problem when it comes to property repair and commercial property repairs are no different than this. 
Keep Your Property in Good Condition

Richardson & Starling

Richardson & Starling are part of the Veitchi Group and have local knowledge in Scotland and Northern England and we have offices in the following locations:
Richardson and Starling have been delivering property care since 1935 and in doing so have become the biggest building preservation company in Scotland. We have enjoyed the success we have had due to our extensive knowledge of the industry we operate within. Our clients trust us with many of their property repairs due to our many years of experience. 

One of the biggest lessons we have learned about commercial property repairs is to be methodical and thorough in everything we do, including our surveys. We understand how important it is to assess each situation individually, commercial property repairs are completely different from case to case. Therefore, it is important to treat each case separately as every problem is different and each solution must be tailored to fit the problem. 

Commercial property repairs are our passion. This means that we have seen almost every type of property repair and know what to expect. No matter how big or small the job, we have the necessary skills and resources to complete it with minimal disruptions to you. If you need commercial building repair and maintenance services, then get in touch today.

Why Choose Richardson & Starling for Commercial Property Repairs?

Having been in business for over 80 years we have a wealth of knowledge across all types of property repair. Don’t believe us? Read our reviews! The Property Care Association also named us ‘Contractor of the Year 2016 & 2017’. Once you see our efforts and the quality of service we provide to our customers you won’t regret hiring us as your property repair contractor.

The quality of service which we provide to our customers is something we have great confidence in. In being property repair contractors, we can help people with commercial property repairs but we need to have people we can trust to do the repairs. Our people are our greatest asset here at Richardson & Starling so we are positive our team of property surveyors will provide you with the best value for money solution possible. 

The way we treat our staff as well as our customers is what give us our competitive advantage. Our clients are at the heart of what we do and therefore we aim to always provide you with a property repair solution which will solve the problem and one that is cost effective. In addition, we will offer you a long-term guarantee on the repair works for your peace of mind.

Get in touch with one of our local branches today and arrange a survey of your property to see how we can carry out your commercial property repairs quickly and efficiently, meaning minimum disruption to you and the people who occupy your property. 

The tradesmen were great and very professional. Thanks for keeping my hairdressing business operational during the work.

Ms Smillie
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