External Timber Repairs

Richardson & Starling know that countless years of exposure to the elements may mean that your home will require external timber repairs. If you are the owner of a home with defective external timbers, call our property care experts who offer cost-effective services for external timber repairs.

After eight decades of successful property surveys and repairs we are confident of the quality which we can offer you. Our biggest asset is our people who you can trust to take your properties problem and deliver a value for money solution.

External Timber Problems

Most properties have external timbers. These timbers need periodic treatments which will help them to stave off the threat of deterioration and decay.
You may notice patches of soft, cracked and swollen wood if damp has got to the untreated timber and has caused rot. In most cases, this type of problem will occur at a lower level at window cills or door standards however any untreated timber to the external of your property can be affected. Richardson & Starling can help you eliminate any timber problems from your home.

Repairing failed external timbers is not a new practice. Richardson & Starling have been doing it for decades, however, this type of problem has been occurring for centuries.

We have over eight decades of successful property surveys and timber repairs experience. Property Repairs can be extremely stressful for property owners and that is why we keep our client’s fully informed so they understand the process to bring their property back to a sound condition.

Timber Resin Repairs

Replacing damaged external timbers can be expensive. No matter how good the joiner is that does a traditional repair to external timbers the repair joints can open due to expansion and contraction and water can get in and cause new decay. This can deteriorate the timber to a worse condition than before the repair was done. This means that the repair will required to be paid for again or the window or external frame will require to be completely replaced.
Richardson and Starling have developed a Timber Resin Repair System that can repair the local damaged area of timber and most of the existing timber is retained. This gives significant savings for our client and we offer a 5-year guarantee on all external timber resin repairs for our client’s peace of mind.

At Richardson and Starling, we have years of experience handling this type of repair to External Timber on all types of property. Our aim is to do the minimum repair to solve our client’s external timber property problem and are focussed on delivering cost effective repairs that our clients can trust. 

If you have noticed any signs of deterioration to the external timbers to your property the quicker the decay is repaired the less it will cost to effectively repair. Call a member of your local Richardson & Starling team today for more information on guaranteed external timber repairs.
External Timber Resin Repairs

Timber affected by Decay: Potential Issues

Any unprotected timber inside or outside of your property that becomes damp is at risk of fungal attack. A property surveyor from Richardson & Starling will be able to asses rot or structural defects which may be causing problems to your home. Most often, if you’re having trouble with decayed external timber, then there could be issues with the timber inside your property, both are often interlinked.

Other problems with pests such as wood destroying insects or woodworm, can also cause problems as they thrive in damp and timber decay conditions. Find out more about treating woodworm here.
Timber decay due to damp
The following External Timbers in your property could be affected by decay and require repair;
  • Windows and cills
  • Doors and door frames
  • Fascia and soffits
  • Porches
  • Conservatories
  • Ornamental timber
  • Timber sole plates
  • Timber Clad Buildings
Often the rot affected timbers look bad however the decay is often restricted to pockets of rot and these are successfully repaired with our Timber Resin Repair Systems. The bulk of the existing timber can usually be saved making significant cost savings to our client. However, the condition of the timbers needs to be assessed by a competent surveyor to ensure the appropriate remedial specification for the remedial works.

Cosmetic Damage to External Timber

A property repair company may describe the splits developed along the grain as timber dries out as “shakes”. Luckily shakes do not usually compromise the structural integrity of the frame, however, if they are ignored it can lead to water ingress and serious structural decay.
How does this happen? As the grain is running at an angle, it can be heavily expose to elements such as the Sun drying the timber out and the rain causing high moisture content. This causes shrinkage groves and ridges to form and water can become trapped within the surface of the wood. 

Another way external timber can be damaged is that soil levels can be raised or alterations can be made that transmit damp to the timbers. This can take many years or decades, however, this can cause the timber to become damp and deteriorate.

The main issue is that wood allows moisture and humidity to pass through it as it is a breathable material. Unlike other materials such as cement render and synthetic paints, unprotected timber can be damaged much more quickly. 
repaired timber window
Where shakes occur in external timber it is important that these are repaired with a compatible resin to solve the problem of potential serious decay taking hold of the timber prior to repainting.

Survey to Remedial Work

Once a building surveyor from Richardson & Starling has identified the issues, we can then create a report of our findings and detail the appropriate specification to complete the work for you.

We have a great team behind us which means you will not have to source a skilled joiner, craftsman or period building specialist, as we have a team with expertise ready to work on your external timber repair. 

Keep in mind that choosing the right company is key to the correct diagnosis and minimum specification to solve your property problem. At Richardson & Starling we have hundreds of customer reviews which support the work that we do. Doing external timber repairs by DIY or hiring a company that has little experience may leave you with more problems with your home instead of less.

What We Need to Know

Surveying the building is a key part of this initial process, as the surveyor must look at how the property is constructed and if the deterioration of the timber has caused structural weakness or is the problem just superficial. Also, we need to know what the client requires to be repaired and if there are any plans to extend or refurbish the property. Our aim is to help our customers restore their property to its former glory and we would be more than happy to talk through the process over the phone.
External timber survey before repairs
Building repairs can be extremely stressful however, we like to think they become a little easier if you are working with a company like ourselves. 

One of the best ways to spot mistakes is to have seen them before. Our team are very well qualified, but everyone we employ also has a huge level of experience. This is the difference between knowing a trade and living a trade. When a member of our team visits your property, you’ll know that you’re getting the benefit of professionalism, experience and passion for property repair.

Exterior Frame and Panelled Building Timber Repair

Where a property has been built with an exterior timber frame and timber panelling this may also require attention from our external timber repairs experts. At Richardson & Starling we will do everything we can to sensitively remove rotten sections of the timber and repairing the section with our Timber Resin Repair Systems. This is something our wet rot eradication team can help with. With our minimum specification strategy only the rot affected timber requires to be removed.

We use several timber treatment techniques when performing this type of repair. New timber can be used to fill larger repairs in conjunction with our resin repair system. On completion of the repairs our 5-year guarantee will be issued.

Ongoing Maintenance

If you are the owner of a property which has external timber components it is important that you have regular checks completed on your home. These checks will highlight defects and the required maintenance to protect your home against costly repairs.

This is a service which Richardson & Starling offer. As a company, we have built up an enormous store of knowledge on the causes of property decay and the best ways of stopping the rot and preserving all types of property. But it doesn’t stop there. Our team of surveyors and technicians are always on the look-out for cutting edge industry-led initiatives to ensure that we can offer you the very best property preservation solutions for damp and condensation, wood rot, woodworm infestations and basement waterproofing. We give an honest appraisal and specify a minimum targeted treatment to deal with the problem and deliver value for money property preservation repairs.

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Whether your property requires timber repair or timber treatment, we would be happy to help. External Timber Repairs have always been thought of as an expensive and lengthy operation, however, it doesn’t have to be with Richardson & Starling. We can help you get your home or property back to its best with cost effective repairs. Richardson & Starling have 12 branches covering Scotland and the North of England. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our home repair services.

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