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At Richardson & Starling, we offer a full range of ventilation and air management solutions to alleviate the effects of condensation and black mould. Poor air quality within domestic and commercial properties can cause an unhealthy environment for the occupants. That is why our teams have helped thousands of homes across the country protect their homes with our air quality services. 

At Richardson & Starling we only fit quality home ventilation systems, which can be installed by our award-winning teams. Our home air quality services are designed to beat the toughest condensation and black mould issues within a property. 

If you are concerned about the quality of air in your home, contact our Air Quality team in a branch near you. 
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Indoor Air Quality

This might seem a bit alarming, but indoor air is up to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Strangely enough, it’s because we’re getting better at building: with properties, much better sealed and built air tighter than ever in the past so airborne contaminants don’t disperse as quickly. To put it another way, because our homes are now less draughty there’s less air circulation and ventilation! What is home air quality and what causes the problems?

Condensation Control

Condensation is normally caused by increased air moisture in conjunction with property defects or modern improvements in insulation, draught proofing and double glazing which all result in reduced ventilation. All these factors allow moisture-laden air created in the property to evaporate onto cold surfaces such as windows or walls in the form of condensation. The temperature of the wall surface at which this moisture will form is called the ‘dew point” The quantity of moisture within the air (known as the “relative humidity”) comes from breathing, bathing, cooking, domestic activities or property defects. One person on their own can produce up to four pints of moisture per day! For a full list of our property preservation services visit our property preservation page

Mould Removal & Air Quality

Mould spores are known allergens, their microscopic spores are often powdery and become airborne at the slightest disturbance.
black condensation mould
These microscopic spores are then inhaled by humans and have been attributed (along with the dust mite) to being a trigger for asthma and allergies, dust allergy and hay fever.

During growth, fungal colonies can produce gases known as ‘volites’, which are musty mildew-like odours, which you may associate with damp basements. Exposure to these gases has been associated with various symptoms from headaches to nausea and fatigue. The improvement in ventilation to reduce the high moisture content in the air can eliminate the conditions for mould to grow on surfaces.

Dust Mites: Indoor Air Quality

Dust mites have 8 legs and are related to the spider. You are probably sharing your bed with thousands of them!

Their main breeding ground is in bedding and carpets. They feed on microscopic scales of skin, which we all shed. Their only source of water is from the air, so they prefer to live in areas where relative humidity is high. The higher the humidity, the quicker they can breed.

The dust mite has been attributed to the increase in asthma (now affecting 5.2 million people in the UK, equivalent to a staggering 1 in 5 households) plus other bronchial and skin problems. If your home is suffering from dust mites, it may require indoor air quality improvement.

Household Chemicals: Air Quality Services

The use of household chemicals and aerosols in your home can pollute the atmosphere within your property and becomes worse if poor ventilation occurs. These chemicals contribute to poor air quality and added with other pollutants is known as a viral soup which can affect some people who live in a property with poor air quality. Still unsure if a home ventilation system could benefit your home, visit our home air quality FAQS page.

What Do We Do About Home Air Quality?

Obviously, it’s a good thing that building standards have improved: living in a draughty old barn isn’t the solution to home air quality problems! What we will do is to ensure that the air is being circulated properly to allow for good ventilation and prevent air from becoming stagnant. The first thing we’ll do is to complete a survey so that we can look at the best method for improving ventilation in your home. From that point, we will install extractor fans, heat recovery systems or a positive input ventilation system to deliver improved air quality for you and our family.

We work in partnership with Envirovent, the leading manufacturer of home air quality solutions in the UK, to provide an effective positive input ventilation system for your home. This is a whole home air quality and condensation control ventilation system which draws in fresh, filtered, clean air from the outside and circulates it around the house. This system is available for houses, flats, apartments and many other types of property.
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Home Ventilation Systems

There is a solution to reducing pollution inside your home. The hard part is that air pollution is sometimes not recognised until it has built up inside of our homes as problems such as bad smells, condensation and black mould has arisen. 
envirovent venty
If your home is not being ventilated properly, then you should think about installing a home ventilation system. Poor air quality means that you could have damaging air pollutants lurking in your home. This is not a matter which should be ignored as the side effects can be serious if they are subjected to someone with poorer health.

If you do decide that your home needs a home ventilation system, a Richardson and Starling surveyor will come to your home and assess what solution is best for you. No matter what type of building you live in, our air quality services teams have worked in apartments, flats, bungalows, and houses - across Scotland and the North England. 
Contact a member of our team today about installing a home ventilation system that will improve the air quality in your home. For more information on home air quality prices, visit our guide. 

Popular Air Ventilation Systems

In the past, our kitchen and bathroom fans have been a popular choice with our customers who have been struggling with air quality control.

As we work with Envirovent we have a huge range of air ventilation services – something for every room in the home. Due to the levels of moisture which are created in the kitchen and bathroom, we now have fans that are designed to beat the development of surface condensation and black mould. 

Our air quality services team will work hard to ensure that poor air quality does not create an unhealthy living environment within your home. Envirovent have won multiple awards for their work in the air quality sector. We have access to the industries best fans and ventilation systems that can help you eliminate excess moisture, condensation, and black mould from forming in your home. 

If you are currently affected with air quality issues in the kitchen and bathroom or any area of your home, contact a member of our team today and we can help you improve the air quality of your environment.

How Kitchen and Bathroom Fans Work

Like most home ventilation systems, kitchen and bathroom fans extract moist air from these rooms. The air is then disposed of efficiently and is put safely outside of your property. The purpose of air ventilation systems is to prevent condensation and change poor quality air. 

Unfortunately, condensation comes with its own problems. Condensation on walls is one of the most common problems in British properties and in most cases, it is underestimated. As you may know, the rise of condensation has occurred in recent years due to increased property defects, improved property air tightness, poor ventilation and the increase of air moisture content in the living space.
We may have improved heat retention in UK homes, however, this may cause problems for air quality in the property and ventilation. If you have improved your home insulation, double glazing and draught proofing, then it may be worthwhile investing in a home ventilation system to ensure that your property is properly ventilated. 

Because of some home improvements, properties can often not have the correct level of regular ventilation. There are several problems which can stem from this such as: 
  • Condensation
  • Black mould growth
  • Peeling decorations
  • Damage to fabric, furniture and storage
  • Poor air quality
Envirovent air extraction fan
This will eventually lead to unpleasant musty damp smells occurring within a property and you will often find signs of the poor air quality as condensation on windows. 

A problem such as mould can permanently damage the decoration, furnishings, clothes and storage in your property, therefore it is important that the problem is treated as soon as possible. Visit our home air quality case studies section for examples of our work

Getting A Home Ventilation System Installed

At Richardson & Staring, we will always carry out a thorough survey before going ahead with any property preservation treatment. Before our air quality services team recommend any condensation treatment or ventilation system, they will visit your home so they can report back with the appropriate specification to deal with the problem.

We have been solving property issues for over 8 decades and have air quality teams across Scotland and the North of England. Our surveyors can travel to your home to complete a survey and give you recommendations to fix your property problem. If you want one of our surveyors to assess if a home ventilation system is required in your home, call us to book a survey today.

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