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Masonry Protection 

Due to problems including penetrating damp, it is becoming increasingly important to use masonry protection as a way to preserve your building. Property preservation is a big part of what we do here at Richardson & Starling and with that in mind, we always recommend masonry protection as a way to lower your chances of experiencing penetrating damp or losing unnecessary heat from your home. Our main form of masonry protection is masonry protection cream which is a type of water repellent paint for the outside of homes and buildings. With our masonry protection, your home could be protected from penetrating damp for up to 25 years. 

What is penetrating damp?

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Penetrating damp is an extremely common problem in the UK due to our climate and the way in which homes are built. This type of damp occurs when water comes through the outside walls of a property. This type of problem can often go undetected until the problem is severe. Penetrating damp can be so aggressive that even if the damp doesn’t make it to the inside of a property it can still cause problems including damage to structural timber and cause poor insulation performance.

There are many causes of penetrating damp, the main one being that it is likely the building material to the external walls has become excessively porous, meaning that it does not keep out moisture effectively. This could be caused by a breakdown due to old age or may have been caused by defects in the property. If your area experiences a significant increase in rainfall, then even a previously dry building can experience penetrating damp. 

Masonry & Penetrating Damp

The most common types of masonry material are brick and stone which are bound together with a cement mortar joint. When rain penetrates through masonry it causes penetrating damp which can affect the building. It happens often in the UK and especially in older buildings with solid walls. The symptoms of penetrating damp can take weeks or months to appear. Some of the most common signs of penetrating damp include:
  • plaster damage
  • wet rot 
  • mould
  • moss
  • brick damage 
Any one of these signs could mean that you have a penetrating damp problem. In this case, you will need to stop the damp penetrating the external walls. The walls require to be inspected and any defects repaired. Our masonry protection cream or water repellent paint acts as a type of barrier to penetrating damp and will protect the masonry.

How we combat penetrating damp

The longer you ignore damp, the bigger the problem is likely to get and this can lead to major structural damage to your property. The way we combat problems like penetrating damp is through masonry repair and protection. It is important that the condition of the external walls is accurately assessed to determine any repairs that are required. In addition to this there are a number of different masonry protection products on the market. At Richardson & Starling we only use the best masonry protection and this means using water repellent masonry protection creams (a type of water repellent paint) and other methods of masonry protection. 

Masonry Protection

When masonry gets wet, it gets cold. All of us living here in the UK, especially the north, will be aware of how wet it can be – even during summer months. Houses which are situated in areas of much rainfall are susceptible to damp and cold conditions. This doesn’t mean that your house has to be also. When the walls of your house become wet and cold, heat escapes. Without effective masonry water repellent protection, you are not only leaving yourself open to experiencing penetrating damp, you are also increasing your energy bills. On average, 35% of all heat loss in a building is through exterior walls. The amount of heat loss varies according to the method of construction and the amount of exposure to weather conditions but the easiest place to start improving insulation is in the exterior wall.

Masonry water repellent protection allows you to keep your walls dry and retain the heat in your house and can make the masonry of your home water repellent for over 25 years. Masonry protection is a big part of property preservation and it is something you should consider if you live in Scotland or the North of England.

Masonry Protection Cream

At Richardson & Starling, we have used Masonry Protection Cream for many years as a cost-effective way to eliminate penetrating damp. This Masonry Protection Cream is a colourless and breathable water-repellent treatment for brick, stone, render and concrete walls. The cream stops penetrating damp without changing the appearance of a wall. It is supplied in the form of a deeply penetrating cream that is applied to a wall surface using a roller or brush. Once applied, it will permeate deeply before curing to form a water-repellent barrier that is effective and has a BBA approval for 25 years. 

The masonry protection we use has been scientifically proven to provide a significant energy bill saving on houses that are exposed to adverse weather conditions. The masonry protection cream stops the building from getting damp and lets them retain their thermal resistance. Independent studies have concluded that the owner of a treated property can potentially save 29% on their energy bills. 
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Main uses for Masonry Protection Cream

Masonry Protection Cream is used for a number of applications. At Richardson & Starling we use Masonry Protection Cream for the following uses:

Protecting against penetrating damp 
The main use for masonry protection cream is to protect walls against penetrating damp. It does so by acting as an impermeable barrier to rain and other external damp 
Saving energy
By creating a water-repellent barrier on the surface of the wall, masonry protection cream ensures that the wall remains dry all year round. 

Concrete protection
In the same way masonry protection cream can be applied to external brick walls, you can also apply it to concrete walls to achieve the same benefits.

Improving flood resistance of masonry 
Masonry protection cream can improve the external walls resilience to flood water. To fully achieve the best results, cracks in the outer walls should be repaired before masonry protection cream is applied. 

Benefits of Masonry Protection Cream

It is easy to see why this Masonry Protection Cream is our cost-effective product of choice when you see the many benefits it provides. Masonry Protection Cream has the following benefits:
• stops penetrating damp – the main use for this Masonry Protection Cream is to protect your property from penetrating damp, which can be devastating to your property.
• BBA approved for 25 years – you know you are getting a solution that is going to last for over 2 decades.
• Retains the original appearance of your external walls – your property won’t look any different but will be protected.
• Energy saving – you could save up to 29% off your energy bills
• Single coat application – you won’t need to pay for multiple applications, this does the job in one. 
80 Years in business
When you seek masonry protection from Richardson & Starling you can rest easy knowing that we are using the best products on the market to protect your home. 

Choosing Richardson & Starling for Masonry Protection

Over our 80 years of service, we have become the leader in property care and preservation. If your building needs masonry protection then we have the experience and skills to assess and deal with this issue for you by using the best products in the industry. 

With all our property preservation and repair jobs, we carry out a thorough survey to ensure that we can identify your problem and determine the best remedial action to solve the problem.

We have experienced great success in our sector due to the standard of service and customer care we provide. Our clients trust us with all manors of property care and preservation, it’s what we do, it’s our passion. We have seen almost every type of property problem and have developed a number of solutions which can be used. No matter how big or small a job, we have the necessary skills and resources to complete it with minimal disruptions to our clients. 

If your home needs masonry repair or protection from penetrating damp and you want the best in the business, contact us today. We have branches all over Scotland and the North of England so if you need us for property preservation or repair, we are never far away. 


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