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Property Health Check

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Richardson & Starling offer a quality property health check. It is important that your home is given regular care, the best way to do this is through frequent health checks. If you are a homeowner, it is vital that you consider the health of your property. If you are planning on selling a property you will get the best price if you have fixed any issues prior to putting it on the market

The service that we offer is like a car "MOT" equivalent for your home. At Richardson & Starling we believe that you can avoid expensive repairs by catching property problems early. If you would like this service to highlight any required domestic or commercial repair, get in touch with a member of our property health check team. 

What Is Involved with A "Property MOT"?

Expensive things should be looked after properly and what is more valuable than your family home or business property? If you contact us then Richardson & Starling surveyor can check your property from top to bottom.
Property health check
We have been in the business for over 80 years and we add to our knowledge with the latest technology available in our industry. Our experienced property surveyors also have the qualifications which makes our company the best option for your property whether it is a bungalow, flat or a semidetached villa. We work in all types of property and can help you to make an accurate judgement on the health of your property. A Home MOT is recommended by all leading insurance companies to be carried out annually to ensure your home is kept in the best condition.

If you do have any concerns about the health of your property, we can help you to identify the problem, we may even be able to fix it easily. We will always give you informative advice towards a solution. If you would like to discuss the potential costs associated with having your property repaired, we would be happy to talk you through it during our visit. 

The Benefits of a Richardson & Starling Home MOT

There are many benefits that come along with a property health check. At Richardson & Starling we can inspect both the interior and exterior of you home, which make our service incredibly unique. Once you have booked your property health check with us our Property Surveyor, who is a specialist in this field, will survey your property. The benefits that come with our home MOT include: 
  • We highlight property issues and give specific advice to resolve the problem also giving a suggested order for your repairs
  • If your home has been neglected this may have led to unseen faults lying beneath the surface. We can carry out cost effective repairs helping you to avoid further deterioration and property damage.
  • We make sure your home is in the best shape possible. This keeps it insurable. Keep in mind that your home insurance may be invalid if you fail to keep your end of the insurance agreement by keeping your property properly maintained and checked.
  • Think of our property health check as maintenance. If you keep your home in shape you can prevent larger and more expensive issues. 
  • Richardson & Starling can help you assess future repair needs, this means you will be able to plan for future maintenance and make sure your home is safe. 
  • Issue free properties are worth more when trying to sell.
Domestic building property
Below you will find a list of the elements we will inspect. You are putting yourself in a good position identifying possible defects early on, with the seller able to handle repairs prior to placing their house on the market, making the house more attractive and more saleable. It is uncommon these days for a home with defects to sell quickly, however, by choosing to have a property health check, it may mean a faster sale. Making repairs ahead of time will limit objections over defects during the negotiations. If you have any questions, feel free to Get in touch with a member of our team. 


The following will undergo a visual inspection from a member of our property health check team. You can book a property health check at any time with your local Richardson & Starling team. 
  • External pipe work and taps 
  • Guttering and down pipes 
  • Condition of external timbers
  • Inspection of Pointing/render/Masonry condition 
  • Condition of flat roofs 
  • Condition of pitched roofs 
  • Condition of windows and doors
  • Ground levels


  • Check for damp using an electronic damp metre 
  • Check roof and floor timbers for Rot and insect attack
  • Check sealant around baths sinks and work tops 
  • Check all fittings on windows and doors 
  • Check Air Humidity
  • Check basement condition
  • Check general fabric condition

Thermal Imaging

At Richardson & Starling we can use thermal imaging to find the source of damp or cold spots in your property. Unlike other property care advisors, we can use the latest technology in this sector. Thermal imaging allows Richardson & Staling home surveyors to see damp patches hidden from view or poorly insulated walls or roofs causing cold spots.

Property MOT Health Checks & Home Reports

If you are about to sell your home, we offer health check reports. Home reports can be like ripping a band aid off, it has to be done. For those that are selling their home the Home Report can be a worrying thought. 

If you already have concerns about the health and condition of your property, let us know. If you are still unsure we can provide you with a “Home Health Check Survey”. If it does yield some unexpected surprises, we can help you to work it out. If you avoid significant defects in your property it may have costly consequences to your sale. 

We have been doing this type of work for many years and helping our clients to maximise their property sale. Get in touch with us if you would like us to complete a survey for you.

How Does the Property Health Check Work?

Richardson & Starling qualified surveyors will visit your property and check for any potential property problems. All of our surveyors are thoroughly trained, which means you are putting your property in the best hands. If we do spot any nasty surprises, do not panic. Our job is to provide you with a repair solution to solve problems such as dry rot or damp affecting your property.

Property repairs is our expertise and we will happily help you prepare for your next big move. Making sure that your home is fit and healthy will give you peace of mind that it is ready to join the housing market.

Property Experience & Qualifications

The Richardson & Starling team are extremely experienced and there isn’t a property care problem that we have not came across after decades in the business. Our qualified and experienced specialists can help you get to the bottom of any problem that may be effecting your home that is why we are considered one of the best in the industry when it comes to evaluating the health of your home.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Over the years our customers have left us reviews on our different services. We are extremely proud of our work and that is why we feature a number of these customer testimonials on our website. Every property care business relies on positive word of mouth, you can find more about each service and what we do for our customers on our website. 
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If you have found us through a family member or friend and you do like what you hear, you can organise your own property MOT health check, contact your local branch today for more information.  

Maximise Your Property's Value

A property health check is the best way to maximise your property's potential - whether that's a major renovation project or some basic property repairs, we can help.

Richardson & Starling can visit your property to complete an onsite survey. We will offer you professional advice in relation to any defects which may affect your property, to help you plan for longer-term improvements.

If your home or commercial property requires a health check or if you are concerned about a potential problem with your property, we can help you to put your mind at rest. 

Property Health Check for Landlords

If you are the owner of multiple properties, it can be hard to keep up with what property requires what work. Your responsibility as a landlord means that you must ensure that all your rental properties are in the best condition.

Even if you are not planning on selling your property any time soon, you should make sure that your flats are safe for tenants. If you are just entering the property market you should always invest in a property health check before you purchase. 

Get Ready for Your Home Report

If you are interested in a property health check with Richardson & Starling, call your local branch today. At Richardson & Starling we provide residents of Edinburgh, Glasgow, 9 other areas across Scotland and the North of England with a quality property MOT that will help them to pass the Home Report with flying colours.

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