All Trades Property Maintenance

Looking after a property can be quite a tough task, not easily undertaken without the proper skills. The truth is that maintaining any building is a job for several trades, and this can lead to miscommunication – different contractors hired from different companies can misunderstand each other’s remit and this, in turn, leads to jobs done poorly. Richardson & Starling has the answer to this problem. 

All Trades Necessary for Property Maintenance

Our team of property maintenance experts is drawn from every trade necessary for a comprehensive maintenance programme. This includes everything from plumbing and electrics through to painting and decorating. Building maintenance can be carried out on a one-off basis or as part of an ongoing maintenance contract. 

Dedicated Surveyors, Technicians, and Supervisors

You can be assured that Richardson & Starling are committed to providing the highest level of professionalism, service response, and quality workmanship to ensure that we meet the high standards set by us as your service provider.
  • Dedicated reactive maintenance team, manned by highly experienced staff
  • Large geographical coverage by qualified and skilled trades and contract supervisors
  • Tracker fitted vehicles allowing accurate confirmation of arrival times to clients
  • Site inspections, to monitor the quality and service of our workmanship
  • Customer satisfaction calls on all job
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UK Property Maintenance

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Those who own a property understand the importance in keeping it in a good condition. Our property maintenance teams can help you care for your property in its time of need should repairs be required. 

The sensible thing to do is to prevent any property problems from occurring. This can be done by employing Richardson & Starling to provide the appropriate maintenance for your property, whether that be a domestic, commercial or industrial building. This service will ensure that any property problems are caught during the very early stages and it will also reduce the need for potentially more expensive property repairs.

At Richardson & Starling, we have been working in property care for a long time and we believe that prevention is better than cure, that is why we offer a wide range of property maintenance services across Scotland and the North of England. 

Why is Property Maintenance Important?

No matter what type of property you own, general wear and tear are bound to occur. From a home owner’s perspective, it is important to look after you home as one day you may decide to sell or let your home.

Just like you would with a car or fine pieces of jewellery, it is important that you put a minimum investment into the maintenance of your home. Regular maintenance is usually much cheaper than one off repair costs, this applies to domestic homeowners as well as commercial building owners. 

The Benefits of Building Maintenance Services

As property maintenance services are concerned with the good condition of your property, it is best that you hire a property care expert with decades of experience. Every property is different, however, by outsourcing your property maintenance it is one less thing to be concerned about. 
It is true that property owners prefer to outsource these services, as it is the best way of preserving the condition of a property. Property maintenance plays an integral part for the protection of the property, therefore you should think seriously about hiring a property repair team when handling any problems. 

A professional property care team will give you better efficiency in the long run and will be able to save you costs on property repair. When it comes to meeting property and industry standards, a property maintenance team will be able to give you the results that you need much quicker. 

Outsourcing property maintenance comes with several benefits. Richardson & Staring can help you take advantage of property maintenance as we will provide long lasting care for your property.
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Maintaining Your Gutters, Downpipes and your Property Exterior

No matter how small or big a job is, our local Richardson & Starling team can complete a simple check of gutters, downpipes and the outside of your property.
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 It is important that your property is regularly maintained. By having a professional check of your property, you are ensuring that water moves freely off and not into your property causing fabric damage. 

You should always make sure that there is no debris blocking gutters or drains. This may be difficult if you do not have the appropriate equipment. Our property care experts at Richardson & Starling can do this on your behalf. 

Property defects allowing penetrating damp can cause all types of property problems that may require major property repair. If your property is poorly maintained, it can lead to all sorts of problems including dry rot, wet rot and penetrating damp affecting the internal of your property.
Find your local Richardson & Starling team today for a property maintenance check.

Property Ventilation

Proper ventilation is vital for any property. Successful property maintenance allows your home to breathe. You may not realise the importance of property ventilation until the worst has occurred. 

If your property is not being ventilated effectively then it may be at risk of condensation, black mould and other deteriorating property problems. At Richardson & 

Starling, we can complete a survey of your home or workplace which will highlight the most vulnerable areas. We also provide a wide range of solutions for properties which do require improved property ventilation. 

Book your property survey today and reduce the risk of condensation, black mould and more.

Damp Proofing

Many property owners have spotted damp problems after it has spread. This is often disappointing and can be extremely disheartening to any property owner. In most cases, spotting the early signs of dampness in plaster or timber will make a huge difference when it comes to the fabric repair time and expense.At Richardson & Starling, we can visit your property to check it for damp problems and then install the appropriate damp proofing treatment to protect your property and make it dry. 

Whether you are looking for a company to damp proof your property or are looking for someone to repair crumbling timber in your property, our property maintenance teams can visit your home for a survey today. 
Membraned building exterior
Damp is not something that should be ignored. Our damp proofing service could nip the problem in the bud early and save money – get in touch today for more information. 

Building Maintenance for Landlords

If you are a landlord, you may miss minor issues within your properties. Unfortunately, this is easy to do, but it can also be expensive. 

As a landlord, you will know that the work is never finished. Once you have done the proper tenant screening and selected a tenant for your property, there are a number of things you must consider before the tenant moves in. 

Make sure that you are performing regular maintenance on all of your properties. Organised and routine maintenance and repairs will pay off as it will help you catch small problems before they grow into large expenses. Richardson & Starling offer property maintenance for landlords. Our building maintenance services will help you maintain your properties and will allow you to save in the long run.

Check Regularly

If you do suspect that your properties have been invaded by woodworm already, then we recommend that you contact your local Richardson & Starling team today. Although it is possible to buy treatment chemicals yourself, this task is usually best left to a professional who will ensure the proper health and safety of your tenant and your property.

Repair Any Damage

If you have spotted any damp problems within your properties before a tenant moves in, then it is recommended that you fix it as soon as possible. Property problems are fixed easier before the property is occupied and can cause major disruption once the tenant has moved into the property. 
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Should your tenants living in a property complain about a damp or fabric problem, it is never too late to repair any existing damage at the property. Our team of surveyors can visit your property to check it over and complete any work that needs to be done at a time which suits you and your tenants. 

As a landlord, you will know the importance of maintaining your property for the health and safety of the tenant. We can also help you prepare for any property inspections that must be done before the tenant moves in. 

Get in touch with your local Richardson & Starling team today and make the first move in protecting your property and tenants.

We Are Experts in Property Maintenance

When it comes to property maintenance Richardson & Starling have a huge portfolio behind them. We have worked on commercial and domestic properties across the UK and have helped thousands of people maintain their property. 
We are good at what we do; after all, we have been doing it for over eight decades. Our property maintenance teams are fully trained and have a wide range of experience when it comes to property care and maintenance. 

One of the most important things we’ve picked up over time is the need to be methodical and thorough in our work – we always take the time to complete in-depth surveys before completing any work.

Regular property inspection and maintenance is the best way to ensure that your investment is not deteriorating and we can help you take care of any property problems that may arise along the way. When a member of our team visits your property, you’ll know that you’re getting the benefit of professionalism, experience, and passion for property care. 
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Our Property Maintenance Guarantee

Since 1935 Richardson & Starling have been repairing properties and issuing guarantees – one of the reasons why our customers value our work so much. Our property maintenance teams come highly recommended as we have worked with companies big and small, creating a bespoke strategy for their properties. 

Now it may seem obvious that this is intended to reassure you - and that is certainly the case – but the Richardson & Starling guarantee is more than simply a way to make our customers comfortable. It is a statement of our confidence and our pride in the quality of the work we carry out. We know that our work is done to last, and that’s something we’re more than happy to back up with a three-decade guarantee.

We Are Property Care Experts

We maintain properties across Scotland and the North of England daily. No matter what needs to be fixed within your property, we are here to help. If you believe your property could benefit from property maintenance, we would be happy to visit your property to discuss this. 

A professional opinion may be what you need to protect your property. Call Richardson and Starling today and we can organise a professional property survey. 

Thank you for taking the time to help me with the repair to my home. The surveyor and joiners were great.

Mrs Craig
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