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Property Problems

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If you own a property, you know that you must look after it and you will be aware of the ongoing maintenance and repairs that are necessary. This is completely common for home owners and managers. The list often seems never ending and the property problems can come in all forms. They are not exclusively restricted to one part of your house, they can happen to almost any part of your property from top to bottom. Some of the most common types of property problems we see are due to defective roofs, floors and walls or those that have been flooded due to defective water pipes.

Dealing with your Property Problems

Everyone has different ways of dealing with their property problems. For some people, they prefer to ignore the problem for as long as possible, hoping that it will sort itself. Others know that these things tend to only get worse and so, enlist the help of a property preservation and repair specialist. It is difficult to say how your property problems can be fixed without seeing the problem ourselves. Therefore, we initially carry out a thorough survey. This is the most effective way to identify the extent of the problem and whether we are the correct company for the job. If another contractor would be more suitable to fix the problem, then we will let you know.

We aim to give all our customers the best possible advice and a cost-effective repair solution to solve the property problem.
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Most Common Property Problems

As property repair specialists, we see a great number of property problems on a daily basis. This can be anything from damp from defective roofs and walls, damaged and frozen water pipes to defective fabric caused by lack of regular maintenance. It is only after we have carried out a building survey that we can properly assess your property problems and the best way of tackling these. We typically see penetrating damp, plumbing leaks and fabric deterioration which could be due to bad construction, old age, poor maintenance or an accident.

Burst Water Pipes

Having burst water pipes can be a traumatic and sudden property problem. Burst water pipes are a problem that will need to be dealt with immediately. This is because having burst water pipes can lead to a large area of your property becoming flooded and causing a major damp problem. The effects of having a burst pipe in your home can be quite severe and a real issue for the majority of home owners. There are a number of ways you can minimise the damage caused from burst pipes:
Burst rain pipes
  • Turn off your water supply – First and foremost you need to ensure that the flow of water is stopped. This can be done by turning off your main stop tap. Each house is different and therefore has a different location for its stop tap. Before you even suffer from a burst pipe, you should know where this is located to ensure that you can deal with the problem as quickly as possible. 
  • Turn off your water heating system – This would be your central heating or any other type of heating system. Once you have shut down your heating system you should turn on your hot taps to drain the system.
  • Turn off electrics – Wet electrical items are extremely dangerous so you should make sure not to touch any wet electrical fittings, lights, sockets or appliances. Completely switch off your electricity supply and call your electrician.
  • Call the professionals – Call Richardson & Starling and we can advise you on the best course of action or can have one of our surveyors visit the property.

Frozen Water Pipes

Frozen water pipes are a hugely common problem in the UK, particularly in colder regions. If you have a frozen pipe, then it is important to be gentle with them as they can easily burst. This is because when water freezes it expands and this can lead to it bursting as it is overstretched. It can often be the case that you don’t realise the pipe has burst until the ice inside melts and the water 

Some of the steps you can take to minimise the damage includes:
  • Turning off the water supply – Same as a burst pipe, you should find out where your stop tap is located and turn it off. Even though you will be unable to drain the water supply you can still stop it from building up any more. 
  • Prepare – Whilst the water in the pipe is still frozen, you should protect any electrical items around it and any items that you don’t want to become damaged.
  • Thawing Out – Open a tap that is closest to the frozen part of the pipe so that the water can vacate the pipe once the ice has melted.

Common Roof Problems

The roof is one part of the house that can be a nightmare to repair if everything goes wrong, especially in winter. Many roof problems are smaller in scale and are easy to fix. At Richardson & Starling we have seen many common roof problems and have provided many customers with valuable advice when it comes to their roof problems. The most common roof problems we see are missing, loose or cracked slates/tiles. It is also not uncommon for people with skylights to experience water leaking in. This is typically because the windows themselves have been poorly installed. It is also a common issue for gutters to become blocked or cracked, leading to more leakages.

Why Do Roof Problems Occur?

The most likely cause of roof problems is wind or weather damage. We have seen many cases whereby TV aerials have been blown over and have caused damage to the roofing. It could likely be the case that scaffolding will need to be used for any sizeable roofing work. If your roof is considerably old then you may need a roof replacement if the damage is serious enough. One of our skilled surveyors will be able to identify how serious your roof problem is and can identify the best course of action.

External wall fabric

Over time the external face of the walls to your property can deteriorate or can become damaged allowing water to penetrate your home causing damp problems and fabric damage. If you are experiencing penetrating damp problems then our surveyors can visit your property and access the cause of the damp problem. This could be due to the render or masonry becoming porous or damaged. It could also be due to defective pointing around your doors and windows. These property defects require to be repaired quickly and effectively to stop major problems occurring inside your home.

Property Repair & Maintenance Specialists

Richardson & Starling have been in business for over 80 years and from these eight decades of service, we have become leaders in the property preservation, repair and maintenance field. We are privately owned by the Veitchi Group and with this, we directly employ; surveyors, joiners, plasterers, plumbers, painters/decorators, tilers, floor layers and roofers. When jobs occur outside these areas, we hire contracted specialists to ensure that the property repair work is completed to the highest of standards. 

Your property can become damaged at any time and often suddenly. Our expertise is to diagnose and solve your property issues quickly to protect your home. If you need property preservation, repair or maintenance, give us a call today. We have offices in the following locations:
This means that we are never too far away when your call. All your calls are answered by our experienced staff to ensure that you get the fastest and most effective service from us. We assist people in all capacities; whether you are a homeowner, private landlord, property manager, local council or estate agent – we are here to help you solve your property issues.

The Richardson & Starling Guarantee

In order to give you complete peace of mind that our work is being done to the highest standard, we support much of our work with long term guarantees. Some of our repairs and treatments are covered for up to 30 years. The length of guarantee will be detailed on our report and this will be automatically transferred to any new owners of your property throughout the guarantee’s life.
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 The reason we offer this is because we are so confident in the work that we complete we are happy to offer a guarantee for your peace of mind. The guarantees we currently offer include:
  • 30 year guarantee for the treatment of rising damp, dry and wet rot repairs and woodworm treatment 
  • 10 year guarantee for basement waterproofing 
  • 5-year guarantee on timber window and external timber resin repairs.
If you have a property problem or you need a property repair and maintenance service, we are happy to help.

Expert Advice & Repairs Across Scotland and the North of England
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