Property Refurbishment

Breathing New Life into Your Property

It’s amazing what effect a quality refurbishment can have on your property. We have a large team of dedicated professionals from building surveyors and estimators through to contracts managers. This ensures that your requirements are delivered by an experienced team and that the work is carried out in a practical and professional manner.

What kind of refurbishments can we bring your property?

With most of our work coming from repeat business and recommendation, we specialise in working in occupied buildings. We liaise closely with our clients and pay strict attention to Health & Safety requirements and quality control. Our aim is to deliver a quality finish that you can enjoy.

Our refurbishment service covers every aspect of properties throughout Scotland & the North of England. Richardson & Starling can work with you to create your vision for your property. By contacting us today, we can arrange a property survey which will help us get your project on the move. 

The faster we can get to work, the faster you will start adding value to your property. We offer a full service when it comes to property refurbishment, with a qualified team that can remodel your home to your exact requirements. 
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Start Your Property Refurbishment Project Today

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We think that when it comes to property repairs, it is important that you get things moving in a timely fashion. No matter how big or small your project is, we will take extra care to make sure that repairs are taken care of quickly. 

Time Management and Programming is a very important aspect of any renovation project. We have the experience and the planning skills that allow our qualified surveyors to conduct an inspection of your property and listen to your requirements. 

Many of our employees have been working in this sector for years and can tell almost immediately how to resolve property problems. If you are like us and prefer an organised, timely project then we can prepare a schedule for necessary works to reinstate your property to its required standard. 

Are you keen to get things started? Request an online survey now, or get in touch with your local Richardson and Starling team.

Property Refurbishment for Every Building

We are often asked, “is my home suitable for property refurbishment?”, we always answer yes. Richardson & Starling offer a range of repairs for a range of properties – we always have.

For decades our employees have been gaining, valuable experience in property repairs, that is why we can provide comprehensive repair services for any type of property from new builds through to buildings of historical significance.

Historic Building Refurbishment

In most cases, it is true that historic buildings are more difficult to make repairs to. At Richardson & Starling, we enjoy a challenge and would love to hear about your project.

Refurbishment of a historic building can be difficult as it is not just a case of making effective repairs. Our employees treat historic building with a great sense of sensitivity and care. We understand that these buildings have an important historic legacy, that is why we ensure that all work remains consistent with the original character and appearance of the building.
A sympathetic and conservation approach is required with the remedial works kept to a minimum to resolve the problem. Often monitoring and drying of the property will achieve the satisfactory result without the need for extensive repair. Richardson & Starling are fully aware of this when we take on a challenge with a historical building.
historic building example
Our experienced surveyors, contract supervisors, and technicians have a wealth of experience to deliver a cost effective repair to your property. For more information on historic building repairs visit this section

Commercial Property Refurbishment

Feasibility surveys, reports, and remedial costs are often requested by Architects, Surveyors, Developers and other clients to help assess a project’s viability. 

Richardson & Starling approach every property refurbishment project with an understanding of the problems that exist within the building. We use our expertise to recommend the best course of action to preserve the building.

Unlike other property repair brands, we have experience in all types of commercial property refurbishment, working in retail premises, offices, hotels, banks, private sector brands as well as industrial and manufacturing companies. 

Quality Home Refurbishment

We also provide home refurbishments services. Our trained and experienced teams take great pride in their work. From the beginning of the project to the very end we will work hard to ensure that the final results meet all of your requirements. Our teams of home repair experts are the best in the industry, which means that we work hard for our customers to deliver a quality finish that they are happy with.

 There is no time like the present. No matter what time of year you would like your building work completed, we can help you start the project as soon as possible. 

Garden Refurbishment

back garden picture
The outside of our home is often neglected and once ignored, it may be hard to return it to its former glory. At Richardson & Starling, we believe that outside areas should be given as much attention as the inside is. 

This is particularly important if you are planning on adding value to your house or apartment. Refurbishing the outside of your home includes anything from fitting a new outside door to repainting the exterior of your building. In the past we have helped clients convert their garage area, adding new doors and fixing any property problems.  

Richardson & Starling has branches across Scotland and North England. Our local Surveyors and teams understand the specific requirements of their area. If you would like to get in touch about outside and garden refurbishment, call us today and tell us about your project!

Improving Your Property

At Richardson & Starling, our property repair team can help you improve your property quickly. The refurbishment is the best option for many as rebuilding is much more time-consuming and can be more stressful to manage. 

Even small elements of refurbishment can make a huge difference to the way a property looks. Improving your property quickly will make your home more desirable if you were to sell or let quickly.

Our property repair team offer a quick turnaround time and can visit your home at a time which suits you for a property survey. We can help you to make a profit from your property refurbishment which will leave your home or property looking as good as new. 

Fewer Limitations with Property Refurbishment

The great thing about property refurbishment is that there are often fewer limitations for a property developer. In most cases, council restrictions on new builds can be extremely strict, which makes starting from scratch time-consuming. Time is often wasted and investment is lost due to this.

You will find that restrictions on existing properties are less stringent and this is often a better option for those who would like to build their own home. At Richardson & Starling, we offer a service which will allow you to refurbish and improve your property. 

Save Costs on Building

Refurbishing an older property may save you costs on building a new property. Many property developers choose property refurbishments as it can be a quicker way than starting from scratch. 

Our property repair experts can help you with the property refurbishment process from start to finish. Your building will be in safe hands as we have a reputation for ensuring that work is completed safely. We can be involved in the property refurbishment process as little or as much as you like as we also offer redesigning services. Our Contract Managers will supervise your refurbishment from start to finish and keep you informed on the work progress and answer any questions you have.

If you are looking for a property refurbishment company that can re-plaster walls, fit new flooring and repaint – we would be happy to help! Contact your local branch now for information about our services. 
historic building - brick tower

Add Value to Your Property

This is often the main attraction for those who want to refurbish a property, however, there are a number of reasons why you would want to do this. A number of people would like to add value to their home and in all honesty, we all would if we had the chance. 

Refurbishment can add significant value to a property and whether you live, rent out or work in the building, property refurbishment is definitely something to consider. 

If you are not planning on keeping a hold of a property and would like to sell or lease your building, property refurbishment will help you to gain the best sale or rent value. 

Keep in mind that property refurbishment doesn’t have to be a huge task, it can also be simple improvements such as installing new features like lighting, flooring, and doors – the things that will attract potential buyers and tenants.

Property Experience & Qualifications

Richardson & Starling branch locations on the map
Whether you choose to work with Richardson & Starling or not, remember that the key to successful property refurbishment is experience and knowledge. 

You may come across a number of road stops on the way to success when it comes to property care, our team has worked on many properties and has seen it all.

We have been the number one choice for property repair in Scotland for a number of years and our teams are the most qualified and experienced specialists in the industry. 

We are well-known for our work in the property repair and refurbishment industry and no matter what size of project you are planning on including domestic, retail and commercial properties we are here to help. 

If you have any questions about our qualifications and experience, get in touch! We would be more than happy to help. 

Book Your Richardson & Starling Property Survey

Our team of experts at Richardson & Starling take the responsibility of a property survey very seriously, that is why our property surveys are always carried out by a team of fully trained surveyors. What is also helpful is that our surveyors are locally based and understand the local properties and market.

Let us help you get started with your property refurbishment, Richardson & Starling surveyors offer a full consultancy and diagnosis service which can help you get your property back on its feet in no time at all. We can work with you to create a property repair plan that has been designed specifically for your property.

Get in touch with a member of your local Richardson & Starling team today to book a property survey.  

Customer Reviews & Testimonial

“We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Richardson & Starling to any other people who buy an old property and require renovation work.” W. Macintyre, Glasgow

We value the opinion of our customers that is why we always ask for feedback. We know that the property repair industry thrives from word of mouth. If you would like to find out more about our property repair services and find out what our customers say about Richardson & Starling go to our reviews page on our website.
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