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Public & Social Housing Repairs 

80 Years’ Experience in Working with Local Authorities

Richardson and Starling have over 80 years – experience in working with local authorities and housing associations to deliver commercial property repairs, domestic social housing repairs and public buildings repairs. Through term contracts, framework agreements or the one-off project we understand the need to deliver targeted and cost-effective repairs. From our local branches, we understand the local communities and how important it is to include all stakeholders in the repair process. We also understand the importance of delivering a consistent service and can deal with large volume of both property surveys and building repairs to meet the client’s requirement. Richardson & Starling have been delivering volume term contracts for over 25 years in partnership with local councils

Social Housing 

Social housing, also known as affordable housing, is housing which is provided by Government agencies or non-profit organisations. These types of housing are usually owned and maintained by local councils, meaning that they are responsible for any building repairs they may need. If you manage social housing, then you will be aware of the various responsibilities you have when it comes to maintaining the property. Home repair and other factors will fall into this. If your social housing needs property repair, contact Richardson and Starling, we have many years’ experience in dealing with local authorities and carry out the necessary repairs with minimal disruption to your tenants
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Social Housing Repair

Looking after domestic social housing is a big challenge to any council or housing association. We understand the challenges you face. Our team of surveyors in Scotland and the North of England, together with our experienced technicians, work in partnership with local housing offices and building services departments to deliver a tenant and property focused home repair solution. If you look after social housing and need our social housing property survey and repair service, then get in touch with us today. We have worked with councils across Scotland and the North of England to deliver expert home repair services in their area. Richardson & Starling strive to deliver the most cost-effective service and with all our contracts, we aim to carry out all building repairs with minimal disruption to you and your tenants. 

Public Buildings

A public building is any which is owned by the Local Authority and used by the public for any purpose, this can include education, entertainment or even places of worship. Public buildings like any other often require building repairs and the local government or council is usually responsible for this. When it comes to public buildings, it is usually a priority that they are kept open as often as possible and repairs are usually an inconvenience to those who make use of public buildings, Richardson & Starling understand the problems you face in maintaining public buildings and with all our building repairs we aim to carry out and complete all necessary repairs in a way that will cause the least amount of disruption. It is important to maintain public buildings to a high standard given their level of use and importance within a community. We will work with you to ensure that these buildings are kept to a good standard.

Public Building Repairs

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Richardson & Starling have worked in all types of public buildings from schools to offices to rectify many issues including property preservation, property waterproofing and general property repairs. The need to keep the properties operational is a big factor in our Public Building Repairs planning and programming of works which requires close cooperation from all parties to ensure that the problem is solved with minimum disruption. These buildings are often used every single day with long opening hours with large number of staff and visitors. The individual circumstances need to be considered when planning a repair. Within public building repair there are many levels, some require minimal disruption and can mean the problem can be solved in a short period of time, others are larger problems which require us to carry out extensive building repairs. At Richardson & Starling we approach each job to suit the building, our skilled surveyors carry out a survey of the building to assess the level of damage and the best specification to rectify the problems. We will work with you to solve the issues and aim to cause as little disruption as possible, ensuring that the daily duties of these public buildings can continue where possible. 

If You Require a Public Building Repair Service 

When it comes to public building repairs, timing is often essential, you should waste no time in contacting us if you believe you have an issue we could help with. What may seem a small issue can develop into a big one if building repairs aren’t carried out quickly. Although you may be worried about disruption, especially in the case of schools or offices, if the problem is ignored for too long it can lead to increased disruption as the problem has worsened. Richardson & Starling have been working with local authorities and carrying out public building repairs for over 80 years. In this time, we have seen almost every type of problem and we can make a fair assessment as to how the building repairs should be carried out to keep the disruption to a minimum. 

Cost Projection for Building Repairs

With all our building repairs, we aim to provide the most cost-effective solution for our clients. Therefore, we carry out surveys on each job before it begins, to assess the best course of action, to ensure the work is carried out with minimal disruption and the appropriate remedial specification. We will choose the minimum specification to resolve the property problem so we can make the repair as cost effective as possible. 

Our Experience with Social Housing & Public Building Repair

Given our eight decades in the industry, we have seen almost every type of property problem and have worked with local councils all over Scotland and the north of England to provide social housing and public building repairs. We have bases all over Scotland and the north of England in the following locations: 
Having offices in these locations means that we are never too far away. We have carried out repairs in all types of buildings including; offices, schools, churches, libraries, shopping centres and more! If you have a job in mind, contact us and we will be happy to assist you in carrying out the required building repairs.

Building Repairs Covered by Richardson & Starling

Building repairs are our passion at Richardson and Starling, whether it is a historic building, public building or domestic home repair for social housing, we have seen and repaired almost every type of property care problem. Our main services include:
  • Property Preservation – We deal with many aspects of property preservation including dry and wet rot, woodworm infestation, condensation, damp, timber window and masonry wall repair or even home air quality. 
  • Property Waterproofing – Waterproofing has become a huge part of what we do when it comes to home repair and building repairs. We combat issues including rising and penetrating damp. We also provide condensation control, damp proofing and basement waterproofing for all types of properties new and old. 
  • Property Repair – Property and building repairs are what we do at Richardson & Starling, this includes fire, flood and storm damage repair including property refurbishment and more! 

Why Choose us for Building Repairs?

Richardson & Starling were named ‘Contractor of the Year 2016 & 2017’ by the PCA (Property Care Association) and have been delivering property care since 1935. We have been in business for over eight decades, meaning we have built up a wealth of knowledge surrounding property care. Not only this, we have a passion for everything we do and for our clients. Our team are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the field and we take great pride in what they do.
If you need home repair services for social housing or public building repairs, then you can put your trust in Richardson & Starling. Our customers have always come first and this is why we have many loyal customers who use us for a whole range of our services.
pca contractor of the year 2017
The way we treat our staff and our customers is what gives us our competitive advantage. Our clients are at the heart of what we do and therefore we aim to always provide you with a property repair solution which will solve the problem and one that is cost effective.

Get in touch with one of our local branches today and arrange a survey of your property to see how we can carry out your building repairs quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption.

Extremely delighted with contract from survey to completion of work.

Mr Whitson
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