Structural Wall Repair

There a number of reasons that your home will require structural repair. Environmental changes such as subsidence or flooding can cause extreme damage to the surface and structure of your property. 

These problems should not be ignored as they can lead to the appearance of cracked masonary and the failure of structural damp proofing. The usual factors which lead to the structural defects are ground or wall movement, weathering, increased structural pressure or rusting of wall ties in masonry may leave your property with foundation problems and structural instability. 

Why Is It Important to Carry Out Structural Repairs?

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The fact is, running away from your property repair problems will only make the situation worse. In most cases, the longer the structural repair is left, the larger the risk it will cause to you and your property. Depending on the treatment which your home requires, the expense may be much less than you expect, thanks to the techniques which are used by our Richardson & Starling teams. For a full range of our structural wall repairs check out our guide. 

Keeping the Fabric of Your Property Intact with Wall Crack Repair

If you notice cracks or damage to your walls, you need to act as quickly as possible. Now, it’s possible that damage can be caused by issues including settlement, wet or dry rot and impact damage but sometimes damage can be caused by other factors, even just the grind of time. Regardless, structural damage to walls has to be addressed as soon as possible. This is why getting in touch with our expert team at your local branch of Richardson & Starling will help you.

Wall Crack Repair

There are several methods which we will use to rectify structural problems. These depend on the nature of the problem but include such services as masonry crack stitching, lintel repairs, overbeaming, expansion joints, lateral restraints and remedial wall ties. This list might seem pretty jargon-heavy, but don’t worry, after a survey we’ll know exactly what to do.
The most important thing to say about any structural repair is that it is utterly imperative that professionals are involved. Richardson & Starling’s combination of property care skills offer our customers a full range of repairs, treatments, and solutions that are cost effective. The structural repair solutions which we provide include:
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Richardson & Starling Structural Repair Solutions

At Richardson and Starling, we offer all of our customers a guarantee that ensures that all of the work which is completed is cost effective and quality repairs. We have been doing this type of work for a number of years, one of the reasons why our company is so popular. 

We may be one of the longest running structural repair companies, however, our staff use the best materials and latest techniques in structural repairs to ensure that job is done to the best quality. Our team will advise you on the best structural repair solutions that are the most suitable for your property.  

Fixing Cracks

Nowadays, wall repair can usually be completed without rebuilding the structure of the wall. At Richardson and Starling, we can use the method of crack injection or crack stitching to repair the faults in your wall. If you are looking for more information on structural wall repairs visit our guide here. 

Crack Injection

At Richardson and Starling, we often use waterproof crack injection solutions for sealing cracks and cavities which have appeared in cracked concrete or brickwork. 

Our structural repairs team use concrete crack injection resins to restore the appearance of a wall and fix cracks in brickwork, concrete or masonry. This technique is tried and tested and has been used for a number of years as one of the most economical methods of structural wall repair. 

When it comes to property and structural repairs, our teams across the country, will be able to give you the best advice when you are restoring your home to its best condition. There are many advantages of using crack injection e.g.: 

It will repair and restore a number of wall structures, including concrete, brickwork, and stonework. Structural repairs help to stop further damage from occurring to your property. If cracks are left then water may infiltrate the structure of your home, making matters much worse. Our teams do their very best to complete structural repairs with minimum surface damage. This value-for-money technique will restore your home in no time at all. 

When to Use Concrete Crack Injection

Our property repair experts will be able to advise you on the best method of structural repair when they visit your property. If you are considering concrete crack injection treatment, then it is most suitable for property problems such as: 
This concrete injection repair can be completed on both domestic and commercial properties. Some of the repairs which we have completed have been on family homes, car parks, tunnels and multi-storey flats. Get in touch with your local Richardson & Starling team today to book your consultation.

Crack Stitching 

This treatment does exactly what is says. Many of our customers have opted for crack stitching as it gives them best of both worlds – it is extremely quick to apply, yet it is a permanent solution which is guaranteed to last. 

What is this type of repair used for? Crack stitching is a permanent structural repair for cracked masonary and wall reinforcement. Our surveyors will explain the whole process during your consultation. This cost-effective repair process is actually extremely effective. Our technicians will use rods that can be grouted across cracks in walls to reconnect them. 
wall stiching
This will strengthen the structure and provide excellent resilience against further cracking within the structure. This is one of our most popular wall repair treatments at Richardson & Starling as it causes property owners little disruption.

We have over 8 decades of experience when it comes to property repairs and we would be happy to answer any of your questions about this type of work. In most cases, your cracked wall can be fixed by one of our local repair teams. If you are unsure if we can help you, call us today and we will talk you through the masonry crack stitching process. 

When to Use Crack Stitching Bars

Are you wondering if crack stitching is the best option for your property? First of all, crack stitching is used when a building starts to get vertical cracking – a problem which should be treated as soon as possible. 

In most cases crack stitching is the perfect solution for cracked masonry, however, it should only be applied once our surveyors have determined the reasons behind the cracking. By investing in crack stitching you will see the long term and short term benefits of doing this. 
cavity wall ties
This treatment is an excellent way to fix the cracks in your wall structure quickly before more damage occurs. The speed of the treatment does not reflect how long it will last as the grout combination provides an excellent bond.
If you are a landlord looking to fix one or more of your properties, this is something that Richardson & Starling can arrange. We recommend this treatment to landlords as it causes minimal inconvenience to the occupants of a property. It also looks pleasant as there will be hardly any evidence that our crack stitching bars have been installed.

Lintel and Wall Crack Repair

Does your property require lintel or wall crack repair? This straightforward procedure can be completed by a member of our structural wall repair team. Before any work is started on your property, Richardson & Starling will carry out an onsite inspection to determine what is causing the breakdown of the wall. After the survey, we will recommend a suitable repair specification to deal with the issue. Our structural wall repair FAQS guide is great for those who want to learn about how our wall repair services work. 
birck arch lintel repairs

Historic Building Structural Wall Repairs

It's an understatement to say that historic buildings are prone to wear and tear. For years we have been working with clients to help them restore or repair the walls in historic buildings

Before any work goes ahead we will establish what the problem is and what making repairs will do to the structure. It is important that the minimum repairs are done to resolve the problem as we want minimum disruption to the existing building. The first step is for one of our Richardson & Starling surveyors to carry out a thorough survey to ensure that we understand the property.

Would you like to find out more about our services for historic buildings? Call us today for a chat and a member of your local team can talk you through the procedures available.

Our Structural Wall Repair Teams

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We cover Scotland and North England. Our local Surveyors and teams understand the specific requirements of their area. We are the leading property preservation specialist and there isn’t a property problem that we cannot fix! 

We would like to help you with any problems in your home. Our Richardson & Starling teams cover Scotland and North England. Call Richardson & Starling today and we will be able to direct you to the appropriate team for you.

Would like to find out more about Structural Wall Repairs?

Frequently Asked Questions about Wet Rot Structural Wall Repairs

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