Veitchi Centenary Year Charity Auction

Veitchi Centenary Year Charity Campaign

Here at the Veitchi group, we are celebrating our centenary incorporation year(1917). In order to make this date even more memorable, we dedicated this whole year to charity and launched our fundraising campaign - #VeitchiGives 

#VeitchiGives supports 17 charity organisations and contains more than 25 fundraising activities and events.
Centenary charity totaliser
Centenary charity totaliser
Centenary charity totaliser

The Veitchi Traveling Painting

During the #VeitchiGives campaign, we already organised quite a few successful fundraising events but we also wanted to add something novel to it. We picked our brains and we came up with an idea that involved all of our employees and created something special - a symbol of a charitable spirit!

We took a canvas that traveled through all of our 12 branches across Scotland and the North of England where all of our employees added a fresh splash of paint and created this vibrant explosion of colours.

This idea was inspired by the abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock and his well-known style of making paintings by dripping paint on canvas. 

Now we offer you a possibility to make a bid for this beautiful creation and help us to support 17 charity organisations!

The Dream Map, by CHAS

One of our supported charities this year is Children's Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS), Scotland’s national children’s hospice service. They were very happy to join our campaign and together with the children they care for, they created this gorgeous map of children's dreams on canvas. 

Little artists that were staying at Robin House Children’s Hospice – part of the CHAS family - created this colourful masterpiece using musical instruments and spray paint. The children loved creating it, and we’re sure it would add a splash of joy to any room! 

*100% of the funds received for this canvas will be forwarded to Children's Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS).


  • #VeitchiGives team - women's 10k run
  • #VeitchiGives - charity golf tournament


    Several of our charitable events will be ongoing throughout the year. It is hoped that people will get involved and donate to our food banks / give blood and participate in our around the branch Spinathon.

    GAYE Scheme

    Give As You Earn scheme or GAYE is a tax-effective way to get money to charity. The Veitchi group have operated the GAYE fund since 2001. Employees contribute monthly from their salary and the company matches those contributions. Since 2001, the company has donated over £185 000 to various charity organizations.
    Veitchi Gives charity logo

    If you have any questions regarding the campaign you can contact us on charity@veitchi.com or via phone 0141 647 0661

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