A message from Aberlour

A message from Aberlour

I just wanted to get in touch to pass on a few thank you messages from the people helped by the extremely generous £2000 donation Richardson and Starling made to Aberlour at the start of the pandemic.

One mum we supported, thanks to your generosity, told us:

I would like to say a very big thank you for the support you gave us. Like many families we are really struggling to manage the limited budget we have. Knowing there are people out there supporting and caring for us gives me hope and reduces the level of anxiety and stress experienced when times are hard. The children and I managed to have a happier Christmas knowing that we could heat our home throughout the coldest times I have experienced. Thank you so much again.”

While another said:

The food voucher helped me so much, it took the stress away from not being able to get food for my kids.”

Additionally, our CEO SallyAnn Kelly OBE has recorded a personal message to convey her heartfelt thanks, you can watch it here.

The past few years have been incredibly challenging for everyone, but more so for families living in poverty and struggling to cope.  Your generosity and kindness has made such a positive difference to their lives; we really appreciate your support. I’d appreciate it if you would pass this email on to everyone in your team.