Property Repair

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Property Repair Specialists

Welcome to Richardson and Starling’s Property Repair services, dedicated to restoring your property’s structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Our experienced team tackles a broad spectrum of repair requirements, from minor amendments to extensive structural renovations. We specialise in addressing issues caused by wear and tear, environmental factors, or unforeseen damage, employing advanced techniques and superior-quality materials. Our process is meticulous, encompassing everything from the initial assessment to the final execution, ensuring each repair is customised to your property’s unique needs. Trust in our expertise to provide not just repairs, but lasting solutions that preserve the safety, functionality, and value of your property

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

Have you noticed any signs of wall movement, bulging or cracking within your property? If so, you might have a cavity wall tie problem and we would encourage you to get in touch with a local property professional. No matter if your property is lacking cavity wall ties or they have simply rusted out, Richardson & Starling specialists can offer an effective cavity wall tie replacement solution that can restore the strength of your structure.

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Structural Repairs

Old or new, all properties require constant maintenance to prevent structural decay. At Richardson & Starling we offer a wide spectrum of property preservation and structural repair services and can repair crack affected and bulging masonry, damaged concrete and structural timber problems your property might have.

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Concrete Repairs

Concrete buildings and components such as lintels are very durable but even the strongest structures will eventually deteriorate. If you notice any concrete damage across window cills, lintels, canopies or concrete steps, then we would like to offer a concrete repair solution that can repair the problem.

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Timber Window Repair

It is often the case that timber windows are a key part of the building’s character. When timber windows start to deteriorate it is always better to look into timber window repair process rather than replacing the whole window. This way property owners can both save money and preserve authentic building features.

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Home Report Property Repair

Selling a property with damp or timber problems is never a good idea. If your property home report highlights damp, rot or woodworm problems, then the best way to increase the property value is to repair the damage and give your property a clean bill of health. Richardson & Starling can provide a wide range of cost-effective home report property repair solutions supported with long-term guarantees that are transferred to a new property owner free of charge. Contact your local branch for advice or a property survey.

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