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Rot and woodworm affecting timber is a common occurrence in many homes but when it goes untreated it can be very serious. You should be aware of the warning signs for different kinds of rot as this will allow you to spot the problem sooner.

There are two types of rot to be aware of: dry rot and wet rot. Timber can also be affected by wood destroying insects known as woodworm. However, if you aren’t sure about identifying or dealing with the problem you should contact a professional. Richardson and Starling can provide experienced surveyors to identify rot or woodworm related problems in your property.

The Property Survey Process

If you have not experienced structural property problems, you could be wondering what to expect from a property survey and the repairs that might follow. Our preservation specialists will guide you through every stage of the process and make sure that there are no unanswered questions.

Assessing The Property

Our qualified property preservation surveyor will check the exterior of the property for issues that could be contributing to the internal wet rot or dry rot problem. It is important that the external envelope of your property is regularly inspected by a competent builder and any required maintenance repairs completed to prevent water penetrating your property which will can affect your building fabric.

Surveying The Reported Area

In your survey request form to Richardson & Starling you will have outlined a problem area you have discovered in your property. Our professional surveyor will investigate the problem area. Depending on the type of problem that is discovered, the surveyor may have to investigate other areas of the property. For example, if the problem is one that tends to spread, such as dry rot or woodworm, the surveyor may need to check if other areas are affected. Regardless the type of issue of the issue our surveyors will be fully prepared and equipped to accurately identify and assess the situation. Even in the circumstances that floorboards need uplifted or wall cut-outs required we will be able to do so. Our surveyors are highly skilled and expertly trained in dealing with all types of timber rot and insect infestation and will be able to determine if the rot or woodworm is still active.

The Property Survey Report

Once the property survey is carried out, our surveyor will provide a property survey report. This will be emailed or sent out by post. Should you require a verbal update on the problem our surveyor would be happy to give this after the survey is completed. The size of the surveyed property and the scale of the problem may affect the time it takes to complete the report. The report will include what the issue is and how it originated, as well as the recommended repair solution to eradicate the problem. If there is remedial treatment work required to solve the problem, then a treatment quotation will be included.

The Timber Treatment Process

Any rot related problem is initially caused by the timber becoming damp. The first step in any effective repair is to eliminate the source of damp and treat the affected area with a fungicidal solution. In more severe cases when the timber structure is decayed beyond repair, it is necessary to remove all timbers and replace them with pre-treated timbers.

Wet rot, Dry rot and Woodworm can cause significant structural damage to your property such as structurally decayed timber floors or roof timbers and beams. Our technicians are trained to carry out the structural repair works safely and efficiently to ensure that your property is restored.

Final Steps

After the treatment and structural repair process is complete our technicians will restore the floors and wall fabrics. This includes re-plastering and reinstating ornamental cornice work if agreed and reinstating plumbing and electrical items.

Our surveyors, supervisors and technicians always adhere to a high standard of cleanliness and respect while carrying out the treatment process in your property.  Although this type of work is sometimes very dusty they will work to keep this to a minimum and work with you to keep the work area as contained as possible.

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