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Delivering Property Care since 1935
PCA Property Care Contractor of the year 2016

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Richardson & Starling?

The largest building preservation company in Scotland

Richardson & Starling has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success for a good reason. After eight decades of experience, we’ve seen just about every problem and learned just about every lesson there is about the trade. One of the most important things we’ve picked up over time is the need to be methodical and thorough in our work – we always take the time to complete in-depth surveys before completing any work.

Experience is key

One of the best ways to spot mistakes is to have seen them before. Our team are very well qualified, but everyone we employ also has a huge level of experience. This is the difference between knowing a trade and living a trade. When a member of our team visits your property, you’ll know that you’re getting the benefit of professionalism, experience and passion for property repair. Take a look at our Awards and Accreditations.
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Terraced houses

The complete property preservation service

Property preservation and repair is our passion. And that means we’ve become experts in numerous different aspects of this field. The service we offer covers all of the property repair work you’re going to need ranging from initial surveys through to treatment and repair for all of the property problems you’re likely to encounter.

The Richardson & Starling Guarantee

Since 1935 Richardson & Starling have been preserving properties and issuing guarantees. Now it may seem obvious that this is intended to reassure you - and that is certainly the case – but the Richardson & Starling guarantee is more than simply a way to make our customers comfortable. It is a statement of our confidence and our pride in the quality of the work we carry out. We know that our work is done to last, and that’s something we’re more than happy to back up with a three decade guarantee.
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Thanks for a great and tidy job. One of your plasterers even mopped my hall and bathroom floor before he left!

Mr Mulholland
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