Concrete Lintel Repair in Falkirk

Richardson & Starling were contacted to carry external concrete lintel repairs to one of the Falkirk council properties. Corroding rods within the concrete lintel had started to expand and had made the surrounding concrete structurally unsound. Our concrete preservation specialists surveyed the property and specified a cost-effective concrete repair system to return structural integrity to the lintel.


The exterior of every property is regularly affected by rainwater. Through time, if not protected by a waterproof or water repelling layer, masonry and concrete can become porous or cracked and lose its damp proof capability.

If damp penetrates the concrete deep enough, it can reach the steel reinforcement rods, designed to give the lintel strength to span the opening. As you know, steel starts to corrode when affected by damp and this in turn expands and puts pressure on the surrounding concrete next to the steel bar. In more advanced cases, such as the illustrated one, concrete can crack and start to crumble, making the door opening a danger to the public.

Solution | Concrete Lintel Repair System

Once our concrete repair specialists carefully inspected the area an appropriate concrete lintel repair system was specified.

Removing crumbling concrete and replacing corroded steel rods
To make the repair, our preservation specialists had to cut back into the lintel fabric to remove the damaged concrete and expose the steel bar reinforcement. In this case, some of the reinforcement bars were severely corroded and had to be completely removed. Once the area was cleared out, our specialists welded in the replacement bars.

Re-creating the lintel using our Concrete Repair System
During the next stage, our concrete lintel repair specialists built timber shutters to shape the new lintel. The whole area is then made wet, before filling the void with concrete, as this makes the new and the old concrete bond much stronger. Our cement repair materials are extremely fast curing, gaining full strength within 35 minutes, and allowing the repair to be completed in one day.

Removing the shutter and cleaning the area
Once the repair concrete was fully cured, the support shutters were removed. Small voids were filled to make the new lintel look complete and aesthetically pleasing.

Concrete Lintel Repair Benefits

The repaired concrete lintel has restored the complete look of this door opening. The brick wall above the opening is now supported by a sturdy concrete lintel that is no longer a health and safety risk to occupants of the property.

The whole repair process was completed within a single working day and created a minimal disruption to the occupants of the property.If you have any questions about this or any other concrete lintel repair contracts completed in Falkirk, Alloa, Grangemouth, Dunblane or Cumbernauld areas, then feel free to get in touch with our Stirling branch specialists. | (01786) 236993

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