Damp Specialists

Do you have concerns that your property may be suffering from a damp problem? This page will provide you with a greater understanding of the ways in which damp issues can be treated. This page will highlight the importance of using a professional company to diagnose your damp issues. Misdiagnosis of damp issues can prove expensive if the wrong treatment is applied. This page will assist your understanding of what a damp survey of your property will entail, and some of the treatments available.

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Richardson & Starling Damp Specialists

Regardless of the type of damp problem within your property, an accurate and detailed survey is required to determine the cause of the damp issue. Upon identifying the damp source, it will be possible to provide the most efficient treatment to cure the problem. Richardson & Starling have been treating damp issues for the last 85 years and have a wealth of knowledge in this field. We will accurately identify the issue, provide details on the required treatment and once rectified by our fully trained operatives we will issue our long-term guarantee covering the treatment works carried out.

Damp Survey Stages

Our qualified surveyors will determine the source of the damp problem and will recommend the appropriate damp treatments to resolve the problem for you.

External Issues Analysis

The exterior of the property will be inspected to identify any defects. Defects to the external fabric of the building may be allowing moisture to penetrate the fabric of the building, there are many possible defects that could allow penetrating damp such as defective roof coverings, defective window pointing, defective brick pointing, defective render and defective rain water goods to name a few. Most of these defects can be identified by carrying out your own inspection of the external fabric of your property and arranging to have any defects repaired quickly.

Specialist Damp Survey

Our qualified damp specialists will analyse the affected area. This will comprise of a visual inspection of the internal surface identifying any water staining, peeling paper or decay to timbers. The area will then be tested with a calibrated hand-held moisture meter to determine the moisture content of the surface. Adjoining rooms may require to be inspected as well as the instructed area(s), to determine if the damp problem has affected other areas. There are many types of damp problems and it is important that these are diagnosed and treated accurately to prevent a re-occurrence of the issue.

Damp Survey Report

Upon completion of the survey, our surveyor will provide a verbal report to the property owner with recommendations and a cost to carry out the required treatments. This will be followed up by an e-mail confirming the cause, recommended treatments and cost to carry these out. A fully detailed report and drawing can be issued on payment of an administration fee. Please contact your local branch for details.

Different Types of Specialist Damp Treatments

Different sources of damp require different treatment techniques:

Damp Proof Cream

Rising damp is caused by capillary action pulling water from the soil into the brick/stone wall due to surface tension, like drinking through a straw. The most effective way to cure this problem is to make the pours in the brick/stone “slippy” removing the surface tension and therefore preventing water being drawn up the pours, in simple terms like polishing your car and the water runs of, the pours are “polished” and water cannot travel in an upward direction. This is carried out by injecting a silicone-based cream which diffuses along the mortar course before curing to form a breathable water-repellent resin – preventing dampness from rising up the wall.

Damp Proof Membrane

Chemical damp proof courses are guaranteed for a period of 30 years, this guarantee is transferable to any new owner of the property over the 30-year period. Membrane systems are guaranteed (where applicable) for five- or 10-years dependant on the system installed, again this guarantee is transferable to any new owner of the property over the guarantee period.

Specialist Damp Treatments Guaranteed For Up To 30 Years

Making the most of your properties available space is not only beneficial due to the added space it will offer but it will also increase the value of the property. That said, it is important to instruct a professional company to carry out the work on your behalf. Richardson and Starlings damp specialists are qualified to specify a suitable system and our operatives are fully trained in the installation process. When completed your property will benefit from our fully transferable 10-year guarantee.


If you have any concerns that you may have identified a damp problem in your property it is advisable to have the area inspected by a damp specialist. Accurately identifying the source of the problem is essential in order to provide a suitable remedial treatment. This is where Richardson & Starling can help, with one of our qualified surveyors providing honest, professional advice prior to providing the most suitable and cost-effective solution.Are you concerned about damp problems within your property? Contact your local damp specialists for advice or a property survey today!