Property Refurbishment FAQ

Q: Are you refurbishing all types of properties?

A: At Richardson & Starling we can perform property refurbishment project on any type of property. We can travel to flats, homes, cottages, and castles across Scotland. If you are unsure what Richardson & Starling team covers your area then please check our branch network.

Q: Can you refurbish all areas of the property?

A: At Richardson & Starling we have teams that specialise in every aspect of property refurbishment. We can fix everything from your basement to your roof as well as all the rooms in between.

Q: Can you carry out the works from the beginning to the end (decoration)?

A: Yes. We are known for our quality, end to end service. Our customers appreciate the time and dedication that we put into every job. Just look at some of our property refurbishment reviews.

We work with a high standard of quality tradespeople, that have the qualifications to carry out all aspects of refurbishment.

Q: Can you provide accurate project duration and price estimations?

A: Yes, we have relevantly qualified surveyors backed up with contract management and administration teams to carry out the initial survey to provide accurate and concise findings/recommendations/quotations and then programme to complete the work.

Q: Are you able to work on bespoke renovation projects?

A: Yes, we pride ourselves on the number of bespoke projects we have been involved with over the last 85 years.

Your property will be in good hands as our team are focused to delivery good quality work and customer service. Good things take time and that is why we ensure that every property receives the correct level of craftsmanship before the project is completed.

With bespoke renovation, every project is unique. Richardson and Starling, however, have the experience and expertise that will deliver excellent results.

Q: Do you provide property reports and what is in them?

A: Whether you choose to work with Richardson & Starling or not, remember that the key to successful property refurbishment is experience and knowledge. We provide specialists property reports that include both internal and external inspections findings, recommendations, quotation and fully marked up drawings.

If you choose to work with our local team, then we will help you to improve the condition of your home or property and take you through your property refurbishment, step by step.

Q: Are you taking care of the repair waste?

A: We will make sure that all waste is taken care of. From start to finish we will respect your property, removing any waste and taking it to our recycling centres.

Q: Are there any minimum value requirements?

A: We have taken on jobs of all shapes and sizes before. There is not a minimum value requirement. For more information or a quote, get in touch with your local Richardson and Starling team.

Q: Can there be any unexpected costs?

A: We are transparent with our clients from the very early stages of a project to the very end of it. As with all building works there can be unexpected costs. This can be due to many factors i.e. the client changing the design/ material choice or finding a structural fault during the down takings of the project. We will make sure that you are informed of these costs throughout the project, making you as well informed as possible.

Q: What are the most common factors that influence the price?

A: At Richardson & Starling, we offer “quality workmanship, quality materials, and quality supervision”.
As we have mentioned before, each project is unique, therefore you will be given a cost that reflects the size and demands of your project. As mentioned on our property refurbishment page, feasibility surveys, reports, and remedial costs are often requested by Architects, Surveyors, Developers and other clients to help assess a project’s viability.

Refurbishment can add significant value to a property. Remember that refurbishing an older property may save you costs on building a new property. Many property developers choose property refurbishments over demolishing existing property and starting from scratch.

Q: Do I have to hire an architect before altering the property structure? Can I choose my architect or interior designer to work with you?

A: This depends on the size and nature of the refurbishment as no two projects are the same. You may find that an architect, structural engineer and interior designer are needed for one project and none of the above are needed for another.

Q: Can you combine two rooms into a single room?

A: Yes. Our refurbishment team at Richardson & Starling have decades of experience in Property Refurbishment, this means that we can help you with your own bespoke property refurbishment project.

Q: Can you build an extension to the building?

A: Yes, if the relevant planning and building warrants are in place. We have completed a number of home renovation projects, find out more about the property refurbishment services here.

Q: Can R&S complete work if another contractor has started and left the job?

A: We understand how frustrating it can be to be let down by another contractor and that is why our property renovation company will do our very best to help you. We will happily take on the challenge, however, we would need to resurvey the project to ensure any works previously carried out by others were of the same high standard that we would intend to leave.

Q: What is the best time (season) to start refurbishing your property?

A: At Richardson & Starling, our team are trained to work in every weather condition. We are based in Scotland where properties can be refurbished all year round, however, there are some limitations on any external works i.e. roofing/rainwater goods and foundation/ brick, block work being done over the winter months because of the weather and short daylight hours.We hope that you found this FAQ helpful. A member of our team would be happy to go into further detail about any of our services. Get in touch with your local Richardson & Starling team today to book a property survey.