Sash Window Repair

Sash and timber windows will require repair work roughly every decade. If you believe that your property may require sash window repair work then this page will provide you with the relevant information which you require. This page will allow you to gain a better understanding of how sash and timber window problems can arise and what the most cost-effective methods for sash window repairs. Many issues can arise due to windows not performing efficiently, such as draughts and damp issues arising within the property. Window deterioration can have a severely negative impact on the overall aesthetics of your property as well as potentially affecting the structural integrity of the property.

Sash Window Problems

As a result of the construction of timber windows, it is easy for them to become rotten, shaky or loose over a prolonged period. This can result in draughts becoming present throughout your property. Windows which have existed for a considerable amount of time in a property can lose their operational ability and appear to be unpleasing aesthetically if not maintained appropriately. Windows are purchased with their long-term suitability in mind, but unfortunately wear and tear occurring over the years is almost guaranteed which will require window repairs.

There are numerous causes which can ultimately result in your property requiring timber window repair work. Most of these issues are caused by expansion and contraction of your timber window and deterioration of the external paintwork which allows damp to gain access through damaged and deteriorating paintwork, damaged putty within the glazing and shrinkage shakes.

Property external timbers which are not maintained adequately will inevitably become affected by penetrated damp. Moisture content in the timber reaching 20% means that unprotected windows made of timber can be affected by rotting issues. This can start to have a considerable impact on the property’s windows, structural integrity and appearance.

Sash Window Repair

Sash windows appearing in their traditional manner are widely regarded as part of our country’s architectural heritage and are designed to last several generations. From a property owners’ perspective, it is immensely important that your windows do not impact the overall appearance of your property. Consistently maintaining your property’s windows is environmentally friendly as well as being cost efficient. Additional heating costs due to draughts incurred and costs of replacement can be expensive for property owners.Our specialists can provide bespoke repairs which many independent contractors are incapable of providing. Our attention to detail can include our specialists making necessary adjustments to existing draught-proofing systems and carrying out timber resin repairs in order to help your windows rediscover their prime.

Our sash window repair services include the following services:

  • Provide new window sills and any necessary wood repairs
  • Repair rot affected timber deteriorating your window
  • Draught proofing systems
  • Reducing levels of external noise heard within property
  • Mastic renewal and exterior pointing
  • Overhaul of window to ensure good operation
  • Window cord and balance weight repairs
  • Putty and glazing repairs

Sash windows must be renovated on a regular basis, roughly every decade or when you find a problem, however the external paintwork requires to be redone more frequently. As time passes, the sash frames will loosen or stick within the sash box. This is caused by the expansion and contraction of the wood and movements of the house which makes it more likely for gaps to become prevalent over time. Furthermore, as a result of breaches in the paintwork, they are far more likely to rot over time so painting the wood regular is essential to ensure prevention of this.

Rejuvenating your existing sash windows can prove considerably less costly than purchasing new windows. The refurbishment process tends to involve the windows being dismantled, before being adjusted, eased, re-corded, aligned and reassembled. A draught proof sealing system can also be installed at this stage. This refurbishment will not only make the windows more efficient it will also ensure that draughts are reduced, and they are smoother to open than prior to refurbishment.

When conducting sash window repairs, it is imperative that you use a skilled and fully trained specialist. Sash windows can often be complicated, and an inadequately trained repair team may ruin the structural integrity, security or appearance of the window. Our specialists provide a high-quality sash window repair service. We will ensure that your sash windows rediscover their prime, in both their appearance and operation.

Draught Proofing Sash Windows

Draught proofing is something which you should get done by professionals while they are refurbishing your windows. Draught proofing is the most cost-effective way of making your windows far more efficient and works particularly well when implemented into sash windows. This is because sash windows are considerably more likely to suffer from draughts than standard windows. Draught proofing is the most effective way of improving the overall efficiency of your windows. Draught proofing essentially creates a seal around the frame of each sliding window within the sash frame.

Timber Window Renovation

It has become immensely common in the industry to splice and repair timber windows utilising wood adhesives and similar modern timbers. However, it has been identified by specialists that regardless of the quality of the splice repairs done, two differing types of timber will inevitable move and pull in different directions. This can ultimately result in paint applications fracturing, which can then result in water gaining access to the timber.
The splice repair techniques used by our specialists within our window resin repair system provides the new timber with the opportunity to bond with the existing timber and this stops the repair joints from splitting. This will result in a secure permanent watertight seal between the old and the new timber joint.

Keeping your windows in good condition is immensely important and you can ensure this through regular maintenance. Deteriorated windows may not perform efficiently and could even become structurally damaging to your property. Poor windows can result in penetrating damp issues arising within your property as a result of the inefficient seal at your windows which could result in a wood destroying fungal attack such as wet or dry rot affecting the structural timbers within your property. If you believe this is the case in your property, it is likely that you may require damp proofing or general repair work in your property to ensure that your windows operate effectively.Every type of glazed screen, timber windows or external timbers that have been affected by timber decay can be repaired on location. In addition, our sash window repair service is effective, quick, durable and will ensure your property external timber components are able to rediscover its operational effectiveness and appearance.

Any type of timber window can be repaired by our specialists.

  • Timber sash and casement
  • Side hung windows
  • Fixed glazed units
  • Pivot windows
  • Timber Conservatories

The most common window repairs are sash and casement window restoration. This is due to sash windows suffering from draughts, rattles and rot. All these issues can be fully rectified by implementing one of our draught-proofing or timber repair systems.

Our specialists are fully aware of the significant costs which may be incurred if a window needs to be replaced entirely. As a result, Richardson & Starling specialists will carry out an extensive window survey to provide you with the most cost-effective solution in order to resolve your timber window problem. Sometimes it is not economical to repair the existing window and our surveyor will assess each window and let you know if a new window replacement would be the most cost-effective solution for your property.

What To Do Next?

Our fully trained window surveyor will closely inspect the affected windows and will report on the necessary work which is required in order to resolve the issue. Richardson & Starling will only supply experienced surveyors who are highly trained in the types of issues which may affect your timber windows. As a result, our surveyor will be able to complete the survey and provide the most cost efficient and practical recommendations in order to resolve the identified problems.

Our preservation surveyor can survey your sash windows and specify the most cost-effective solutions to bing your timber windows to their prime.