Woodworm Treatment

A common timber issue which is encountered by property owners is woodworm. An untreated woodworm infestation can lead to the structural integrity of timbers within a building becoming compromised. The extent of damage to timber which woodworm can cause may result in long term implications for the structural framework of your property. Some wood boring insects can cause more damage to timber than others, therefore it is always recommended to use the services of a professional who can accurately diagnose the type of attack and provide the most efficient treatments to eradicate the attack.

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How do you identify woodworm?

Identifying woodworm holes is easier said than done, to the untrained eye these can easily be regarded as a small pin or nail holes. Fortunately, there are other key signs which indicate your property is suffering from an infestation of woodworm, and this page is here to help.

However, some signs may indicate a previous infection, which is no longer active after being treated. It is for this reason that we recommend you consult a specialist to inspect the affected area.

Woodworm Treatment Process

The first stage of the treatment process involves our specialists evaluating the extent of the problem and determining what the most appropriate treatment methods would be or if the affected area is inactive and does not require treatment. There are a variety of treatments which can be used to treat a woodworm attack. However, it is essential that you utilise the services of a property specialist who will be able to undertake a thorough property survey prior to recommending the most suitable remedial treatments as the wrong treatment may not be effective and may require to be redone properly which would cost more. Richardson and Starlings fully qualified surveyors and technicians have the experience to specify and carry out the most suitable and cost-effective remedial treatments to eradicate the woodworm attack within your property.

Our specialists may apply a water based insecticidal fluid to cover and penetrate the surface of the wood. This fluid will affect every larvae entering or beetle exiting the timber resulting in its eradication shortly after. Our insecticidal treatment is guaranteed to eradicate the woodworm infestation from the treated area, and we offer a 30-year guarantee (backed up with GPI), which is fully transferable to any future owner within the 30-year period, for your peace of mind.

Can I Treat Woodworm Myself?

There are a variety of woodworm treatments which are available for purchase in several high street outlets. These are easy to apply; however, great care should be taken when using any type of preservative fluid in the home and that the full extent of the attack is being treated.

If sections of infected timbers are not treated the attack will continue and may spread to other untreated areas of the property, it is for this reason that professional advice should be obtained.

Woodworm Specialists

Any woodworm infestation which has become widespread and is affecting the structural integrity of the timbers within the property will require accurate diagnosis, structural timber repairs and an insecticide treatment carried out by a specialist contractor to protect your property and who will supply a guarantee on completion.

Woodworm Treatment Survey Process

Our qualified surveyors will undertake a detailed survey of the affected area to identify the most appropriate treatment if treatment is required. Our surveys are carried out by fully qualified surveyors.

The survey involves 4 key stages:

    • First Communication – Your first discussion which you have with our surveyor over the phone provides you with an opportunity to highlight the issues which you believe you have in your property.
    • Choose A Time That Suits – If our surveyor suspects you may be suffering from a woodworm infestation, they will arrange a time that suits you to come out and inspect the infestation and damage.
    • Conducting Survey – Our surveyor will visit your property and undertake a thorough survey of the affected area to determine the most suitable remedial action.
    • Report – A report will be issued to you, detailing the surveyor’s findings and a quotation to carry out the required works.

What is a Typical Cost for Woodworm Treatment?

It is impossible to provide an accurate cost for the treatment of woodworm, without visiting the property. All woodworm infestations are different and can vary in size quite considerably. Factors such as how long the woodworm has been left undiagnosed can have a serious influence on the extent of the damage caused.

Do I Have to Move Out During the Woodworm Treatment?

In most cases people are not required to move out of their property while treatment is being undertaken. However, after treatment has been applied by our specialists nobody should enter that area as noted on our safety signs until the treatment has dried. We will ensure that our work is done during a time which best suit you.

30 Year Woodworm Treatment Guarantee

With over 8 decades of experience when it comes to treating woodworm, Richardson & Starling are the perfect choice. Our 30-year guarantee is fully transferable to any future owner within the 30-year period.

What to Do Next?

If you believe that your property is suffering from any of the signs highlighted above, then we would recommend that you call our specialists who will undertake a woodworm survey promptly. This is very important to ensure that the damage caused to your property by woodworm is kept to a minimum.

With our 30-year guarantee in mind, Richardson & Starling are woodworm treatment specialists you can trust. Have you noticed any signs of woodworm in your property? Get them inspected by a specialist surveyor.