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At Richardson & Starling, we offer a range of house ventilation and air management solutions to improve poor air quality in your home. Poor air quality within domestic and commercial properties can cause an unhealthy environment for the occupants.This might seem a bit alarming, but indoor air is up to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Strangely enough, it’s because we’re getting better at building: with properties, much better sealed and built air tighter than ever in the past so airborne contaminants don’t disperse as quickly. To put it another way, because our homes are now less draughty there’s less air circulation and ventilation!

Condensation Control

Condensation is normally caused by increased air moisture in conjunction with property defects or modern improvements in draught proofing and double glazing which all result in reduced house ventilation. All these factors allow moisture-laden air created in the property to condense onto cold surfaces such as windows or walls. The temperature of the wall surface at which this moisture will form is called the ‘dew point” The quantity of moisture within the air (known as the “relative humidity”) comes from breathing, bathing, cooking, domestic activities or property defects. One person on their own can produce up to four pints of moisture per day.

Mould Removal & Air Quality

Mould spores are known allergens, their microscopic spores are often powdery and become airborne at the slightest disturbance. These microscopic spores are then inhaled and have been attributed (along with dust mites) to be a trigger for asthma and allergies, dust allergy and hay fever.

During growth, fungal colonies can produce gases known as ‘volites’, which are musty mildew-like odours, which you may associate with damp basements. Exposure to these gases has been associated with various symptoms from headaches to nausea and fatigue. The improvement in home ventilation to reduce the high moisture content in the air can eliminate the conditions for mould to grow on surfaces.

House Ventilation Systems

If your home is not being ventilated properly, then you should think about installing a house ventilation system. Poor air quality means that you could have air pollutants lurking in your home.

If you do decide that your home needs a house ventilation system, a Richardson and Starling surveyor will come to your home and assess what solution is best for you.

Property Survey

Our qualified damp surveyor will investigate your property and identify the cause of the condensation or other moisture caused problems. At Richardson and Starling, we only supply experienced surveyors who are highly trained in the types of damp and rot problems that could affect your property. This means that our surveyor will be able to complete the survey and give the appropriate remedial recommendations no matter what problem is identified.

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