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Home Report Property Repair

Selling your property? Then you need us! By law, if you are selling a property in Scotland you need to provide a Home Report by a registered valuation surveyor. If you have property issues and need them repaired to sell your property, you have come to the right place. The experts at Richardson and Starling have been fixing problems highlighted in the Home Report for years. Leave it to us. 

What Is a Home Report?

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A home report is a pack that provides more information about the property for potential buyers. It gives them in-depth, detailed information on the property they are potentially going to buy. As well as this, the home reports let the seller know if there are any issues with the property before it is sold, including any damage or property maintenance needing to be carried out. The pack that is mentioned includes documentation for the building that the potential buyers need to know. The report consists of three components: 
  • An energy report 
  • A property questionnaire 
  • A single survey 

Home Report Components

Energy Report 
Homeowners looking to sell their home need to include energy reports in the home report. This energy report gives the home an energy efficient rating. This lets any potential buyers know how efficient the home is when it comes to energy. 

The higher the rating, the more energy-efficient the home is, and therefore, the lower the fuel bills are likely to be. As well as this, the energy report looks at the impact the home has on the environment. In today’s society, people are concerned about their carbon footprint. The environmental impact is established through carbon dioxide emission. 

In addition to this, the energy report examines different energy features of the home, such as how well insulated the home is and how it is heated. At the end of the report, recommendations on ways to improve the home’s energy efficiency are made. As well as this, a recommendation will be made on how to reduce fuel bills. 
Property Questionnaire 
The property questionnaire section of the home report is used to provide potential buyers with any additional information about the property. This information could be useful and give the buyers an overall understanding of the property. The information included in a property questionnaire could include: 
  • The council tax band on the property- showing them how expensive the council tax will be for the property. 
  • Parking arrangements - private parking or car park at property
  • Additional changes made to the property- wall knocked down or extension built 
  • Any addition cost for living there - cleaning or communal charges 
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The Single Survey 
The single survey had been pushed by the Scottish Government as a means of enhancing the level of information available to potential house buyers. The single survey can be found in the home report. The single survey contains: 
  • A valuation of the property
  • An assessment of the home – what condition is it in 
  • An accessible audit for people with additional needs- wheelchair friendly 

Providing A Home Report?

In Scotland, the law is clear when it comes to selling a property. Anyone who puts a property on the market needs to provide a Home Report. This is for any potential buyers so that they have all the necessary information on the property before making their decision. However, there are new properties that are exempt from this, including: 
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  • new build homes that are being sold by the developer for the first time
  • newly converted homes that have not been used before in their converted state
  • seasonal and holiday accommodation (for example, holiday park homes) which cannot be used all year round 
  • when a home is bought through right to buy, then the landlord does not need to provide a home report.
  • properties that also have a commercial use (for example, a shop with a flat above it)
  • properties that aren't fit to live in, or are going to be demolished
If your property does not fall under any of these categories, then you need to ensure that you have a Home Report carried out. For more information on our property repair services, get in contact with your local branch today. We are well versed in property repairs and Home Reports.

How Long Does a Home Report Last?

Once you have put your home on the market, the Home Report must be no more than 12 weeks old. This ensures the information is new and up to date. However, once it is on the market, there is no official expiry date for the home report. Although, if your property had been on sale for a very long time you may have to consider updating and refreshing your Home Report. This will make sure that all the information is correct for any potential buyers. 

Potential buyers can request for a refreshed Home Report if they want exact up to date information on the property. In this scenario, it will be up to the both the buyer and selling to agree who pays for it to be carried out. Our experts will be more than happy to chat through our services. 

You can take your home off the market for up to four weeks then put it back up for sale again, all without needing to get a new report done. 

Why Home Reports Are Important

In Scotland, it is against the law to sell your home without having a Home Report. As well as this, it is also against the law to include any false information in the documents submitted. If you do either of these things you could receive a fine of up to £500! Save yourself worry and money today by contacting a member of our team

What If the Home Report Highlights an Issue with My Property? 

There is no need to panic if any problems with your property are identified in your Home Report. Our experts at Richardson and Starling have been in the property care industry for over 80 years and will be able to fix any problems in your home. Getting the problem sorted as soon as it arises is vital if you are looking to sell your home with a clean bill of health. A new buyer is likely to reduce the purchase price for a property that needs repairs. The asking price could be lower than you want since there is a problem and the new owner would need to pay for the repair. For more information, give us a call. We will be able to help identify problems and fix them before you get the Home Report which will make the property sale easier! 

Property Repair Specialists

At Richardson and Starling, we make property repair accessible all over Scotland. With branches in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Stirling, Dundee, Elgin, Perth, Kirkcaldy, Ayr, Dumfries, Oban and Carlisle. We have all of Scotland covered. No matter where you are, our team of property repair specialists are on hand to give you a helping hand. 

Richardson and Starling offer an in-house Property Preservation and Property Repair Service, catering to all of your home repair needs. We believe that your home is one of the most important things in your life and should be treasured. So, we make it our mission to help you to look after it! 

Our experts can provide a quote for all the repair works that are detailed In the Home Report without the need for you sourcing different contractors. Whether you adjust the asking price or have the repair work carried out, knowing and understanding the cost of what needs to be done is a great start. Give our experts a call today for more information on our property repair services. 
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Why Choose Richardson and Starling

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Richardson and Starling have been operating within the property repairs sector for over 80 years, and have a good reputation in delivering property care. It has made us aware that problems with property can be confusing and very distressing. For this reason, we work quickly. We want to ensure that you have your home back to normal as soon as possible. 

The most desired time for home repair is when selling a property. You want to get the best price for your home and in most cases, sell it quickly. Having a fully functioning home, with no issues is not likely to last on the market for long. 

We understand that property repair can be confusing, not knowing what you need to get done or how to do it. For this reason, we have created an easy to follow property repair guide on our website. This is to help our clients eliminate some of the stress that comes with moving home. As property repair specialists, we are confident that our guide will be useful to anyone moving home. Contact us today for a property survey or more information on our property repair services.

Thanks for organising my repairs so quickly.

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