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Damp patches, a damp musty smell and crumbling plaster on your walls can indicate that you have a penetrating damp problem. It is extremely important that you seek to rectify these issues as swiftly as possible in order to prevent the problems from becoming even more costly for your property. Reach out to our Glasgow based penetrating damp specialists today and tap into our preservation knowledge or even arrange a property survey.

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What Causes Penetrating Damp?

Penetrating damp is normally caused by water gaining access to a property through structural issues within the property. This damp tends to occur in walls, roofs, door surrounds or windows. Penetrating damp can happen on any floor of a building and can present itself on all sections of walls.

Main causes:

  • Building issues – overflowing gutters, incorrectly fitted windows, damaged pointing, etc
  • Porous walls – render lose their ability to stop rain penetrating them over time
  • Damage to brickwork can give rain access to your property
  • Frost damage to masonry can allow moisture penetration
  • Damage to the exterior of property – e.g. damage to the roof

Penetrating damp can become noticeable around guttering height. This indicates that the source of the problem could be defective downpipes or gutters. However, there is only one way that you can be certain that you have accurately identified the source of the damp problem, by contacting our Glasgow specialists. Our experts can then provide you with the most efficient solution for your penetrating damp issue.

How To Identify Penetrating Damp

Penetrating Damp Signs:

  • Walls or ceilings having damp patches
  • Blotches appearing on walls
  • Puddles and drips
  • Damp wall insulation/plasterwork
  • Damp musty smells
  • Crumbling and wet plaster
  • Visible spores

As a property owner, it is very important you know what the obvious signs of penetrating damp are. Our Penetrating Damp FAQ page will provide you with a platform to enhance your knowledge of the signs and symptoms of penetrating damp. Our Glasgow branch will immediately respond to your call and guide you through the entire process to ensure your damp issues are resolved. Richardson and Starling’s penetrating damp experts have several damp prevention tools to choose from to ensure your damp worries are a thing of the past.

Penetrating Damp Treatment & Repairs

We will send our specialists from our Glasgow branch out to your home as swiftly as possible to find the source of your damp problem. The most cost and time efficient solution will then be provided.

What our specialist does:

  • Thoroughly inspects the property to accurately identify the type of damp issue your property is suffering from
  • Identifies the source of the issue (Point of access for the water)
  • Fully evaluates the situation before providing you with the necessary steps you need to take to rectify the problem.
  • Provides you with a detailed survey report allowing you to fully comprehend the extent of your problem.
  • Provides the best treatment solution

We will detail the repairs required to fix the cause of the damp. Our specialists will then apply a physical damp proof membrane or water repellent to protect your property.

Identifying the type of damp you are suffering from can be quite difficult. This is why utilising specialists is so important to make sure that you do not incorrectly diagnose the type of damp affecting your property. Wrong diagnosis will greatly impact the effectiveness of the solution provided to sort the problem and will cost more to get the damp fixed.

Property Survey

Our qualified rot surveyor will closely investigate the affected area and measure the scale of the problem. At Richardson and Starling, we only supply experienced surveyors who are highly trained in all types of rot and damp problems that could affect your property. This means that our surveyor will be able to complete the survey and give the appropriate remedial recommendations no matter what problem is identified.

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After eight decades of successful property surveys and repairs, we’re confident to offer you a 5 Year Guarantee that transfers with the Property.

Richardson & Starling are long-standing members of the Property Care Association (PCA) and the QANW. This demonstrates our ability to meet technical and financial requirements to offer an insurance back-up to our own long term guarantees if you would like this.

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