Property Preservation

Is there something visibly wrong with your property? 
You don’t have to be an expert to know that something’s wrong however you need to do something about it quickly. But what are you going to do if you’re not sure what the problem even is? The answer is to get in touch with us – we’ll get to the heart of the problem and sort it out for you! 
Helping you to stop future problems
We’re experts in dealing with property preservation problems, and that means that we know what causes them! It’s pretty rare for these problems to be down to negligence: as often as not, it’s simply the case that people don’t know that the issues are occurring. Our reports will contain what you need to know: what’s happened, why it’s happened and how you can stop it from happening again! We’ll always be happy to talk this through with you and give you advice as well.

Workmanship you can trust
Damp, woodworm infestation, rot.... these all sound like quite frightening problems! You’re going to need to make sure that you’ve got a contractor you can trust to get it right first time and create a lasting solution. To give you peace of mind we offer a 30-year guarantee – that means that we’re happy to stand by the quality of our work for three decades!
property preservation
Our Property Preservation Services 
Richardson & Starling provide solutions for properties that have been damaged by damp, woodworm and rot. If you do have a property which has an infestation, it is vital that you have it checked out by a property care specialist. 
Statistics have shown that children in poor housing conditions are more likely to experience more severe health symptoms and effects in their daily life than children in good housing. Similarly, adults living in damp housing are disproportionately at greater risk of poorer general health. We provide a range of property preservation services which will provide a dry environment for those who are living or working in your property. 

Damp Proofing Glasgow and across Scotland Service 

Stop damp from occurring in your property with the appropriate damp proofing solution. Damp can lead to a number of property problems if it is not fixed. Long-term effects of damp could mean blistered paint, loose wallpaper, softened plaster and unpleasant mouldy smells throughout a property. 

Property preservation is vital if you are living in Scotland or the UK. The first step you should take is arrange a damp proofing survey for your property, which will assess what action is necessary to protect it from problems such as penetrating damp, rising damp, condensation and below ground damp.

A Damp Proofing system is a type of moisture control barrier that can be applied to walls and floors to prevent moisture from passing into the interior spaces. Damp is extremely common in the UK and it is one of the most required property care treatments. For more information on our damp proofing Glasgow and Scotland services, contact a member of your local Richardson and Starling team now. 

Woodworm Treatment 

An undetected woodworm problem can cause serious damage to the timber in the structure of your home. The first step in any pest control is inspection. Woodworm only attacks seasoned sapwood timber, not live or fresh wood. 
You may notice when you are looking at your infested areas of wood, that one piece of the timber may be heavily attacked, while another piece may be untouched. This sometimes happens when structures are made from both the heartwood and sapwood part of a tree trunk. 
wood damaged by woodworm
It is commonly known that infestations arise in old houses, that were built with untreated timbers. Woodworm infestation is usually diagnosed when small round exit holes appear on the surface of the wood. As woodworm have a 3-year life cycle, timber or timber products bought containing a woodworm infection, may not manifest holes until years after the timber has been infested. 

How can you eliminate woodworm infestation from your property? Infestation can be tackled by the application of a residual insecticide (known as permethrin) to infected areas. This is a chemical product and should be applied only by professional treatment contractors. At Richardson and Starling, we can help you treat your timber and prevent the return of woodworm. We offer a 30-year guarantee with our woodworm treatment Glasgow and Edinburgh services and our other 10 branches for our client’s peace of mind. 

Wet and Dry Rot Treatments

At Richardson and Starling, we provide both wet rot Glasgow and dry rot Glasgow services. We also have local teams throughout Scotland and England who are trained in property preservation. 

Telling the difference between dry rot and wet rot is the first step to success. Dry rot is known to be a very serious problem – as it can affect timber within homes, putting the structure of a building at risk. 
Dry rot is particularly mischievous as it can appear in an old building or a modern structure. This is where it gets confusing - dry rot is actually caused by dampness. Dry rot can appear almost anywhere as it is often caused by leaking roofs and gutters to plumbing leaks right inside the house. The escaping or intrusive water encourages the ferocious fungus which causes dry rot to deteriorate the unprotected timber. 

Wet rot is a fungus infestation which thrives in damp conditions. There are many types of rot rot and the infestation should be treated as soon as possible as it has the ability to structurally deteriorate timbers in your property or home. Again there are a number of factors that lead to wet rot including damp sources from leaking roofs, gutters and problems with defective stone pointing or render, can all cause the damp conditions in your property to germinate the wet rot fungi.
Dry rot
In some cases, internal issues such as leaking radiators can encourage wet rot problems. If you suspect that there is a wet rot problem within your property, call a member of our wet rot specialists Glasgow team today. 

Condensation and Damp Specialists

Condensation usually occurs when moist air cannot escape from a property. Condensation commonly arises in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

The main reason why condensation should be treated/prevented is that without regular ventilation, you will be exposed to an unhealthy living condition where black mould can grow. If condensation is occurring within your property it may be causing damage to décor, fabric, and furniture.

It is actually extremely difficult to prevent condensation as it is often caused by improvements to buildings. Modern-day home/property improvements such as insulation, draft proofing, and double glazing are all good things to have, however, they can reduce the ventilation in a property. This allows moisture-laden air to condense on cold surfaces. This is why you can sometimes see water on walls or windows.

In some cases, it can also cause an unsightly smell throughout your property due to the spread of dampness. Get in touch with one of the following teams throughout Scotland and the North of England now to eradicate the presence of condensation and damp in your property:
We have years of experience working on badly damaged homes and property. We encourage all of those who visit our website to give us a call. Our qualified surveyors can conduct an inspection in no time at all and give an honest opinion on the damp conditions affecting your property.

Our Property Preservation Teams 

At Richardson and Starling, property preservation and repair is our passion. And that means we’ve become experts in numerous different aspects of this field. The service we offer covers all of the property repair work you’re going to need ranging from initial surveys through to treatment and repair for all of the property problems you’re likely to encounter.

We now have property preservation teams across Scotland and the North of England. Our experience dates back to 1935 and since that time Richardson & Starling have been preserving properties and issuing guarantees.

The Richardson & Starling guarantee was created to ensure quality and value for money, as our aim is to make our customers feel confident with their home repairs. It is a statement of our confidence and our pride in the quality of the work we carry out. We know that our work is done to last, and that’s something we’re more than happy to back up with a three-decade guarantee.

Property Preservation Experience In All Types of Properties

  • Homes
  • Churches
  • Retail
  • Offices 
  • Hotels
  • NHS
  • Banks
  • Industrial 
  • Manufacturing
  • Social housing
  • Housing Association
Member of the Richardson & Starling team
With age comes experience we deliver preservation, maintenance and refurbishment work to both domestic and commercial properties. With over 80 years experience in delivering property preservation to all types of property, Richardson & Starling will provide you with quality service and peace of mind, knowing that your property is in the best hands. 

The Richardson and Starling brand is associated with high-quality workmanship and methodical problem solving, making us the best property preservation service in the UK. 

There is no job too big or small, contact your local Richardson Starling team now to book a property survey

Many thanks to your workmen who made a difficult job easy for me.

Mrs Peddie
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