Structural Wall Repair

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There are number of reasons that might cause structural damage to your property. Environmental changes such as subsidence or flooding can cause extreme damage to the surface and structure of your property. These problems should not be ignored as they can lead to the appearance of cracked masonry and the failure of structural damp proofing. The usual factors which lead to the structural defects are ground or wall movement, weathering and increased structural pressure. Also rusting wall ties in cavity walls may leave your property with structural problems and structural instability.

Wall Crack Repair

If you notice cracks or damage to your walls, you need to act as quickly as possible. It is possible that damage can be caused by issues including settlement, wet and dry rot or even impact damage. Nowadays, wall repair can usually be completed without rebuilding the structure of the wall. At Richardson and Starling, we can use our system of lateral restraint or crack stitching to repair the faults in your wall.

The most important thing to say about any structural repair is that it is utterly imperative that professionals are involved. Richardson & Starling’s combination of property care skills offer our customers a full range of structural wall repair solutions and treatments that are both effective in time and cost. Should a structural engineer be required then this would be recommended for the project.

Crack Stitching

Crack stitching is one of the most popular types of structural repairs as it is quicker than rebuilding the affected section of the wall and yet it is an effective and guaranteed solution. Our technicians will use specialised rods that can be grouted across cracks in the walls to reconnect the wall structure. This will strengthen the structure and provide excellent resilience against further cracking.

In most cases crack stitching is the perfect solution for cracked masonry, however, it should only be applied once our surveyors have determined the reasons behind the cracking. This treatment is an excellent way to fix the cracks in your wall structure quickly before more damage occurs. The speed of the treatment does not reflect how long it will last as the grout combination provides the required bond to the existing masonry. If you are unsure if we can help you, call us today and we will talk you through the masonry crack stitching process.

Lateral Restraints

Signs of bulging brickwork are often highlighted on houses where a section of a wall is pulling away from the main structure of the building. The cause of such buckling walls is often due to the combination of excessive vertical loads and inadequate mechanical connection between perimeter walls and the main structure of the building, for example the timber joists, partition walls and party walls. In older buildings that have no joist-hangers the timbers often sit into pockets in the masonry and rely purely upon friction to maintain their position. Should you see bulging masonry affecting your property it may require to be restrained in position to stop further movement. Contact your local branch and our property repair specialists will be pleased to advise you on the best method of structural repair.

Structural Wall Repair Survey

Our qualified surveyor will investigate the affected area and measure the scale of the problem. At Richardson and Starling, we only supply experienced surveyors who are trained in the types of problems that could affect your property. This means that our surveyor will be able to complete the survey and give the appropriate remedial recommendations no matter what problem is identified.

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