Basement Conversion FAQ

Basement Conversion

At Richardson and Starling, we can help you make sure no water enters the most vulnerable areas of your home. We provide our clients with Basement Waterproofing for below ground areas such as basements, cellars and soil retaining sections of all types of properties. If you own a property with an unprotected basement, you could be risking the wellbeing of your property.

“Basement waterproofing” may seem easy to understand, however, let us talk you through it. At Richardson and Starling, we take a varied approach to keeping spaces below the external ground level dry. From traditional waterproofing through to modern water management techniques using cavity wall membrane, specialist drainage, waterproof flooring and removal of water using sumps and pumps. Our qualified and experienced surveyors can create a waterproofing solution for any property.

There are several ways our teams can do this, every home is different and during your home survey which is completed by a member of our Richardson and Starling team, we will talk you through the following options:

  • Cavity wall membrane
  • Sump and pump water removal
  • Cement tanking
  • Internal and External application.

If you are looking to enhance the space in your home, the basement is a great place for any property owner to start.

Your basement will soon become a haven for expensive storage items such as bicycles and toys. It is important that your possessions are safe in this extra space. If you live in an older building, your basement may require some maintenance over the years.

Once your basement has been waterproofed it has a lot of potential. Waterproofing can help you expand your home and utilise areas of extra space. If you are thinking about moving, waterproofing your basement could give you the extra space you are looking for and could add significant value to your property.


This is just one idea for your basement conversion, however, it is extremely popular. UK home owners love basement conversions as they Increase their home adding extra space in the property using areas that were not used before due to damp issues.

If you are happy with your home but need extra space this is an excellent choice. Many families choose to have a cellar conversion completed as they need extra room.

For some adding an extra room means that they can create a guest room for friends/family to stay. Whatever you require a basement or cellar conversion for we can help you with our expertise.


The basement can be a great place to add a games room. This is something that the whole family can enjoy. This will give you extra space to add that pool table or games station that you have always wanted a quiet space to use.

You can also turn the cellar area into a separate living room for you or the kids. The options are endless and lots of families choose to do this as their families grow older. For examples of our work, get in touch today.


The modern professional checks their email 24/7. If you like to catch up with work at the weekend or if you run a home-based business, Richardson & Starling can convert your cellar into a new office.

Many entrepreneurs have decided to do this as it saves on renting costs for start-up businesses. Many people prefer to work from home and as the cellar is separate from the rest of the property, you will feel secluded, giving you the peace and quiet you need for working away from the office.


Gym memberships can cost a lot over time and many people have chosen to create their own gym space in the comfort of their own basement or cellar. Over the past few years we have helped hundreds of families make the most of their below ground area. A basement conversion is an excellent choice for fitness fanatics, you can find out more during your consultation about the average cost of conversion for this purpose.

This process should only be completed by a specialist as this type of work requires a particular set of skills. Some of our customers have been affected in the past by poor workmanship that we have helped them repair. Basement waterproofing should be installed for long term property care and needs to be carried out properly and to the highest standard as the wrong specification or poor workmanship often results in re flooding of the basement or cellar.

With teams across Scotland and Northern England, Richardson and Starling have tackled some of the most badly flooded basements in the country. Our teams are fully qualified and have the integral experience in structural waterproofing that this type of task requires. Our surveyors are qualified to CSSW standard (Certified Surveyors in Structural Waterproofing) which is the National Qualification to specify waterproofing systems and our Technicians are trained in the application and fitting of the systems to create your dry basement.

Every basement waterproofing job is different as the project specification varies greatly due to the site conditions and the purpose for the area. If you are considering converting your basement into a living space, you would be looking at a full waterproofing system that would maintain the whole area dry and meet living space regulations.

Modern basement waterproofing systems work much differently from the way traditional systems do. Instead of simply applying a waterproof barrier and hoping that it will make your basement impenetrable – modern basement waterproofing systems control the water by using a drainage system (Type C) in conjunction with cavity air gap wall and floor waterproofing membranes. This system manages any water entering the basement and directs the water to an existing drain or to a sump and pump


The sump and pump system is used to remove any free water behind the cavity drain membrane system from the basement. The sump is dug into the existing floor of the basement and the water entering the basement behind the membranes is drained to the sump. This system pumps the water out of the property keeping the basement dry.

We would like to help you waterproof your basement. Our team will be there to guide you through the whole process. You can trust us to deliver a quality basement waterproofing system from start to finish. We are experts in property care and as the leading provider in basement waterproofing, we offer our 10-year guarantee on full basement waterproofing systems.
We have a fully experienced team of qualified surveyors and technicians who are based across Scotland and the North of England. Our surveyor will visit your property and go through the following procedures:

  • Assess your basement and discuss your property’s needs
  • Look at your options to decide if a basement waterproofing solution is the best way forward to meet your requirements
  • Specify the most appropriate basement waterproofing solution for your basement or cellar.

We have over eight decades of giving our customers successful property preservation repairs. We are proud of our staff and are confident that we can work with you to fix your basement damp problem.

Did you know that our basement repairs and treatment are covered for up to 10 years? Our guarantee will be detailed in our report and is automatically transferred to new owners. We are confident in the standard of our work that we are pleased to issue a guarantee you can trust.

Many property owners consider converting their cellar or basement. Not only could this add value to your home, but it could give you the extra space you are looking for without moving home.

If you are willing to make this investment, then it is important that your basement is completely waterproof. Basements can lie below the ground water table, which makes them extremely vulnerable to flooding and leaks. Due to the structure of your property, your basement could also be at risk from water pressure and even a small crack in your foundations can allow water to infiltrate your home.

If water were to get into your newly converted cellar then your decoration and furniture could be at risk from water damage. On top of this, damp or wet conditions could allow dry rot and wet rot to take hold.

It is important that you use a specialist with experience in delivering the type of dry area you are looking for and get a guarantee that you can trust.

It is true that waterproofing areas below ground, is extremely difficult, even for professionals. That is why it is so important to use a company that has a wide experience and knowledge.

If this FAQ guide has left you with more questions surrounding basement waterproofing, feel free to contact us today. A member of our team can visit your home as soon as possible to help get your basement waterproofing completed before any more damage has occurred to your home.