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Services for commercial properties

As well as residential properties, Richardson and Starling also provide services for commercial property. A commercial property has other potential problems in addition to what you might expect from a residential property. Business continuity is paramount and dealing with a higher volume of people requires good communication and accurate programming. Richardson & Starling are here to assess and minimize the business impact. 
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Richardson & Starling carry a full multi-disciplined team of surveyors in Scotland and the North of England and can survey any commercial property for preservation and damp proofing repairs that your business may need. Our dedicated contracts managers work closely with our clients to ensure that the repairs are delivered to the client’s satisfaction. We also provide sympathetic historic building repair as a service all over Scotland and the North of England and multiple building maintenance services across all sectors. We have close relationships with many blue chip companies. Our dedicated team eliminate conflict and communication gaps that can lead to schedule and budget over runs, ensuring a smooth interface between all aspects of our project planning and repairs brief through to procurement and construction phase.
As business owners ourselves, we understand how important it is to keep disruption to a minimum in order to avoid any breakdowns in productivity. One of our commercial clients gave us this testimonial:

“I am pleased to tell you that as a result of your prompt action last week I was able to conclude the deal on Friday as planned”
     C.Wood – Dumfries 
As always, our clients come first and we aim to make every repair as fast and smooth as possible in order for you to maintain the day to day running of your business. Within this commercial services section of our website we are sure we have a solution to any commercial property repairs your business may need. Here are the commercial services Richardson and Starling provide: 

Commercial Property Repairs 

Richardson and Starling have over 80 years-experience in providing commercial property repairs across Scotland and England. Our aim is always to provide our clients the best possible price on any of property maintenance services or commercial property repairs they may need. This is why we work with the design team and principal contractor to deliver a cost-effective specification for our commercial property repairs. For this to happen it is important that a thorough and accurate survey is carried out by one of our surveyors in Scotland and the North of England. Our surveyors will assess the property in order to identify any damp and timber infestation problems causing deterioration of the building fabric.

Cost Projection
Feasibility surveys, reports and remedial costs are often requested by Architects, Surveyors, Developers and other clients to help assess a project’s viability. We, as a company, are aware of the need to eradicate dampness and destructive organisms. This is why Richardson & Starling approach all commercial property repairs with an understanding of the problems that exist coupled with the expertise to recommend the best course of action to preserve the building and meet the client’s requirements.
Experience in the Field
Richardson and Starling have experience in providing commercial property repairs across a wide range of industries and companies, including:
• Retail
• Offices
• Hotels
• Banking 
• Industrial 
• Manufacturing
In each of these industries we have provided commercial property repairs and delivered preservation, building maintenance and refurbishment works. 
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Historic Building Repair 

Historic building repair and maintenance is needed to prolong the life of historic buildings and avoid the decay and deterioration of important building fabric that have occurred due to weather, wear and tear, neglect and the general effects of aging over time. Building maintenance is known as the work needed to keep a buildings fabric in serviceable condition. The main objectives of carrying out building maintenance is to keep the property in good condition. In order to identify whether a historic building repair is necessary, inspection must be carried out regularly to identify any arising problems so they can be tackled quickly in order to preserve the building. 
Historic building
A historic building repair often needs to be carried out due to building maintenance not being carried out regularly enough. Sympathetic Historic building repair is carried out to sustain a historic building or return it to what it once was and may be necessary in order for a historic building to remain open or in use. 

By their very nature, historic buildings are more difficult to make repairs and refurbish. It’s not just a case of making an effective historic building repair, you need to ensure that all work remains consistent with the original character and appearance of the building. A sympathetic and conservation approach is required with the remedial works kept to a minimum to resolve the problem. Often monitoring and drying of the property will achieve the satisfactory result without the need for an extensive and expensive building repair. Richardson & Starling are fully aware of this when we take on a challenge with a historical building repair.
Historic buildings will have been extended and renovated by different craftsmen during different eras. This means that it’s very important to establish what the problem is and what making a historic building repair will do to the structure. The very first thing which we’ll do is to carry out a thorough survey, with one of our surveyors in Scotland and the North of England to ensure that we understand the property and the best way to remedy any problems to conserve its heritage.

Working with you and other building maintenance professionals the Richardson & Starling approach to historical buildings is to conserve and preserve the fabric. Delivering minimum targeted remedial work where required to allow us to confidently offer our long term guarantees. We’ll complete work on your property leaving it safe, consistent with original appearance and ready to stand the test of time.

Public and Social Housing Repairs 

Richardson and Starling have over 80 years – experience working with local authorities. Richardson & Starling have a wide experience in working with local authorities and housing associations to deliver commercial property repairs, domestic social housing repairs and public buildings repairs. Through term contracts, framework agreements or the one off project we understand the need to deliver targeted and cost effective repairs. From our local branches we understand the local communities and how important it is to include all stakeholders in the repair process. We understand the importance of delivering a consistent service and are able to deal with large volume of both survey and repair work to meet the client’s requirement. Richardson & Starling have been delivering volume term contracts for over 20 years in partnership with local councils. 

Looking after domestic social housing is a big challenge to any council or housing association. We understand the challenges and our teams of surveyors in Scotland and the North of England with our experienced technicians work in partnership with the local housing offices and building services departments to deliver a tenant and property focused repair solution.

Public Building Repair 
Richardson & Starling have worked in all types of public buildings from schools to offices in order to rectify many issues including rising damp, penetrating damp, dry rot, wet rot and woodworm. The need to keep the properties operational are a big factor in our Public Building Repairs planning and programming of works which requires close cooperation from all parties in order to ensure that the problem is solved with minimum disruption.
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Commercial Property Repairs
Caring for our 
Historic Buildings
Working with
Public Buildings
Public and Social Housing

Richardson & Starling 

Richardson & Starling are part of the Veitchi Group of Companies and have local knowledge in Scotland and Northern England with offices in the following locations:
Our company is the largest building preservation company in Scotland. After more than 80 years of experience we have seen almost every problem affecting building fabric including; damp, wet rot, dry rot, woodworm and condensation. From this experience we have learned the importance of specific building maintenance for commercial property repairs, historic building repairs and social housing repairs. One important lesson we have learned is to always be methodical and thorough in our work and this is something we have instilled into all of our surveyors across Scotland and the North of England. We always take the time to complete an in-depth survey before completing any work.

Property preservation and repair is our passion. And that means we’ve become experts in numerous different aspects of this field. The services we offer covers all of the property preservation repair work you’re going to need ranging from initial surveys through to treatment and repair for all of the property problems you’re likely to encounter.

The Richardson & Starling Guarantee

Since 1935 Richardson & Starling have been preserving properties and issuing guarantees. Now it may seem obvious that this is intended to reassure you - and that is certainly the case – but the Richardson & Starling guarantee is more than simply a way to make our customers comfortable. It is a statement of our confidence and our pride in the quality of the work we carry out. We know that our work is done to last, and that’s something we’re more than happy to back up with a three-decade guarantee.

I am pleased to tell you that as a result of your prompt action last week I was able to conclude the deal on Friday as planned.

C. Wood
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