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Concerned your home may be suffering from damp? Richardson and Starling’s Hawick specialists 80 years of property preservation experience can ensure you regain peace of mind. Reach out to our Hawick specialists today who will ensure your home is fully protected from any damp issues. The variety of treatment options which we have will rectify any damp issues you are encountering. The experience our specialists have will make sure they provide you with the quickest and cost-efficient solution.

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Damp Proofing Your Home

Every property is susceptible to damp problems. Regardless of whether the house is newly built or if it is an older property, they are likely to suffer from damp at some point. Whether your property has condensation issues or if it is entirely flooded, our specialists can resolve whatever damp problem it is you are experiencing. With various solutions available to our Hawick specialists for all kinds of damp problems, our specialists will deal with your property damp problem.

Damp Signs - What Do They Mean?

Every damp problem has different symptoms which can help property owners get a better indication of the specific type of damp they are suffering from. Although the untrained eye may pick up the type of damp affecting their property it should be noted that misdiagnosing the type of damp can be costly. To help you with the damp diagnosis It is important that your property is surveyed by one of our Hawick specialists. One of our specialists will be able to specify the source of your damp problem before providing the most efficient solution. Each type of damp exhibits their own unique signs:

  • High moisture readings, defective decoration and plasterwork, visible salt deposits and a colder temperature at the bottom half of the wall suggests your home is suffering from a rising damp problem or may have an internal plumbing leak.
  • Damp patches on walls or ceilings, blotches on walls and puddles or drips indicates your property has a penetrating damp problem.
  • Growth of black mould, water gathering on the inside of windows and the peeling of wallpaper and damage to paintwork implies that you have a condensation issue.
  • Damp from the ground surrounding your basement may cause flooding and damage the internal wall fabrics. Our basement waterproofing specialists can convert your basement which can substantially increase the value of your property.

Rising Damp Treatment

Bricks and mortar absorbing moisture from the ground and rising upwards through the wall due to capillarity is known as rising damp. Groundwater is essentially being sucked upwards by the wall. An incorrectly fitted, bridged or damaged damp-proof course will result in moisture being able to climb the wall and cause rising damp. Our specialist survey of your predicament will allow them to then provide you with the most effective solution. Dependent on the conditions of the site, our specialist will either rectify the existing damp proof course or they will install an entirely new system altogether. The selected option will be the most efficient one with regards to your situation.

Penetrating Damp Treatment

Water and moisture gaining access to a property through defects in the external envelope can result in penetrating damp issues. Ineffective guttering and downpipes, defective roof coverings, incorrectly installed windows and masonry which is no longer able to prevent rain penetrating them can all cause penetrating damp. After a thorough survey of your properties damp problem, our specialists will aim to fix your damp problem as swiftly as possible. Our Hawick specialists will apply either a physical damp proof membrane, liquid water repellent or repair the external fabric to ensure your penetrating damp worries are a thing of the past.

Condensation & Mould Control

Condensation is caused by high moisture in the air of your property condensing on cold surfaces. Penetrating and rising damp can often cause condensation within properties. It is not solely inefficient ventilation that causes condensation. Damp issues can considerably affect the levels of moisture which is in the air and also create cold spots on the walls and ceilings. Numerous surfaces in rooms suffering from condensation will start to produce black mould. This can significantly decrease the quality of the air in the affected room. This can particularly impact people who are more vulnerable such as children, asthmatics or the elderly. Your condensation problem can be rectified by our specialist introducing the most efficient solution for your home. Powerful extraction fans, positive input ventilation systems or even structural cold spot removal are a selection of some of the various solutions which our specialists have at their disposal to reduce your property’s moisture content levels to an acceptable one.

Basement Waterproofing (Tanking)

In order to keep your basement dry, a waterproofing system can be installed. Our specialists can install a water management system, this includes fitting a drainage channel which works in correlation with walls which have been waterproofed by a waterproofing membrane. This drain channel will direct free water to a drain or towards a sump and pump water extraction unit in order to keep your basement dry. Upon introducing a basement waterproofing system into your home people’s quality living space can greatly improve. A substantial increase in the living space in your home, as well as improved storage capacity, can result in your property’s value soaring .Our surveyors are CSSW qualified, which means they are a certified surveyor in structural waterproofing. This means they can specify the necessary waterproofing required to the structure being built below ground level or soil retaining walls into a hillside. All waterproofing will be specified to BS 8102 which is the British Standard which covers the waterproofing to below ground structures of new and existing properties. Find out more about below ground waterproofing for new builds here.

Damp Proofing Survey

Our qualified damp proofing surveyor will closely investigate the affected area and measure the scale of the problem. At Richardson and Starling, we only supply experienced surveyors who are highly trained in all types of rot and damp problems that could affect your property. This means that our surveyor will be able to complete the survey and give the appropriate remedial recommendations no matter what problem is identified.

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