Damp Surveys and Treatment

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Damp Surveys and Treatment

At Richardson and Starling we provide expert advice and solutions when it comes to problems with damp. We offer a professional service that is value for money. We employ highly skilled surveyors and technicians who you can trust to complete the job to the highest standard. 

Damp Survey Process

What to expect from our specialist surveyor:

External Issues

Our qualified damp surveyor will check the exterior of the property for issues that could be contributing to the internal damp problem. It is important that the external envelope of your property is regularly inspected by a competent builder and any required maintenance repairs completed to prevent water penetrating your property which will have an adverse effect on the fabric.
Damaged gutters

Surveying the Damp Problem

Our expert surveyor will investigate the initial problem area as reported by the customer. If this is an issue that tends to spread then the surrounding area will be closely investigated. For example, penetrating damp could extend through several rooms. It is easy to misdiagnose the type of damp causing the problem and if this happens the damp will not be treated properly. That is why at Richardson and Starling we only supply expert surveyors who are highly trained in the various types of damp that can affect property. This means that our surveyor will be able to complete your professional survey and give the appropriate remedial recommendations no matter what damp problem is identified. 
Surveyors tools

Surveying Tools

Our qualified surveyors use specialised tools to conduct their investigations. Examples of tools used are air moisture meters (Hygrometers), surface moisture meters (to measure the damp in the wall fabric), and laser thermometers to measure the temperature of wall and ceiling surfaces. Laser thermometers and surface moisture meters can identify the source of the moisture and establish the scale of the damp problem. 

Survey Report

Once the property survey is carried out, our surveyor will provide a property survey report. This will be emailed or sent out by post within 2-5 working days from your survey date. Should you require a verbal update on the problem our surveyor would be happy to give this after the survey is completed. The size of the surveyed property and the scale of the problem may affect the time it takes to complete the report. The report will include what the issue is and how it originated, as well as the recommended solutions. If there is remedial treatment work required to solve the problem then a quotation will be included. An acceptance of quotation form will also be included in the report so that you can instruct Richardson and Starling to carry out the remedial work, this form requires to be completed and signed. The acceptance form can be returned via email or post. After that stage we will arrange a time with you to start working on the property, also known as the treatment process.

Remedial Treatment Process

For anyone who is unsure about what to expect after the survey stage we have highlighted the main stages of the treatment process below:

Health and Safety

Keeping everyone safe during the works is paramount to us. The Health & Safety requirements of the client, property and the works are assessed at survey stage to create risk assessments and method statements for the remedial works. If there are any health and safety hazards identified then these are mitigated prior to commencement of the damp remedial works. Once a safe method of work has been planned and the risk assessment and method statements have been produced, our technicians can commence the treatment process. Prior to starting the works our Technicians are trained to carry out a further risk assessment to ensure the safety of the work area.

Contract Supervision

We have dedicated Contract Supervisors who coordinate the works with you and ensure that the works is done to the highest standards. They will ensure that you are fully aware of the progress of the works and will answer any questions you have during the works.

Cleanliness Standards

Our technicians always adhere to a high standard of cleanliness and respect while carrying out the treatment process in your property. Although the type of work is sometimes very dusty they will work to keep this to a minimum. 

Technicians, Tools and Equipment

Our technicians are trained to carry out the remedial works to a high standard to repair the affected area. They are also fully trained in Health & Safety to carry out the works in a safe manner. Following the surveyors report, our technicians will bring all the required tools and equipment to carry out the works. 
Chemical damp proofing course

Chemical Treatment / Damp Proof Course

Depending on the type of damp that is present in your property, we can inject the wall with our chemical damp proof course to stop rising damp or cover the wall with our cavity wall membrane system to prevent penetrating damp. If the membrane is not used then we will re-plaster the wall with a renovating plaster that stops hygroscopic salts coming through. These salts attract moisture from the atmosphere and can keep your wall damp even after the new damp proof course has been installed. In the case of below ground walls in basements and cellars that have extensive damp problems we would install our basement waterproofing system. Applying waterproofing membranes that manage the penetrating damp and redirect free water to a sump and then the water is pumped out of the basement keeping the living area dry.

Finishing Touches and Guarantees

After the remedial treatments have been done and the works to renew the damp affected fabric is completed, the site will be tidied and left ready for decoration. We have painters and decorators in our team and should you require us to do the decoration then we would be happy to do this. We offer long term warranties on our damp treatment works so that our clients can have peace of mind that the treatments will last.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service (see our customer reviews) and know that a big part of good customer service is delivering good communication. We want you to feel supported at every stage of the process and we are happy to answer any questions you have at any time. Over half of our new customers come to us through recommendation from past customers and we work hard to deliver a quality service that you can trust.

Richardson and Starling

Have you noticed damp within your property but aren’t sure what to do about it? Contacting Richardson and Starling couldn’t be easier to help deal with issues relating to damp. Simply give us a call or complete our online form. The form only requires a few contact details and a brief message regarding the issue you are experiencing. Once we have received the form, we will have a specialised surveyor out to your property within 2-5 working days. The surveyor will assess the property and will then have a detailed report of our findings delivered to you. 


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