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Frequently Asked Questions about Dry Rot

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You are moving in the right direction with Richardson and starling. Our team of dry rot specialists will be able to identify, treat and eradicate the dry rot attack affecting your property.

Once your dry rot treatment has been implemented, our team will then apply fungicidal treatments. Unfortunately, it is very common for dry rot to spread before it is seen. As dry rot eats into the timber in your property our team may have to remove plaster from the walls, replace any timbers that may have been damaged by the infestation and apply fungicide to the masonry and timber.

Q: What is Dry Rot?

A: Dry rot is otherwise known as “ serpula lacrymans” and it is a wood-destroying fungus. Dry rot can be found in countries across the world and it is extremely common. Dry rot originally affected forest timbers, but now it is commonly known for the ability to destroy timbers used in buildings.

The problem of dry rot can be dated back as far as the 18th century. It is still not certain where dry rot came from to infest timbers in the UK. It has been speculated that dry rot was transported to British shores by ships from Europe carrying infected timbers.

Q: How can I identify Dry Rot?

A: It can be extremely tricky to identify dry rot, however, a member of our specialist team will be able to recognize dry rot against any other types of wood-destroying fungus.
One factor which is unique to dry rot is that it has the ability to travel through cracks and voids in building material looking for new timber to attack. This is why dry rot spreads through properties incredibly quickly. After identification, our team will create a specific and detailed report and specification to treat the dry rot outbreak.

Q: What are signs of Dry Rot?

A: If you are concerned about the spread of dry rot in your home, there are some signs that may appear.
  • There may be a change in the wood where the infestation lies. It might have shrunk, darkened or cracked.
  • In some cases, a gray, mushroom colored skin may develop on the wood.
  • In more humid conditions, a white, fluffy mycelium may develop on the wood. This mucelium looks like cotton-wool.
  • Rust red coloured spores are often found in the dry rot area.
  • The dry rot may also smell musty, giving off a damp mushroom odour.
  • If you do believe your property has a dry rot problem, the fungus attack can cause permanent structural damage.
wooden floor damaged by dry rot
This is why we recommend that a survey is carried out to identify the scope of the dry rot infestation and specify the required work to treat the infected areas. With dry rot, it is better to be safe than sorry and a member of our team can carry out a targeted survey in all types of flats, apartments, and homes across Scotland and Cumbria.

Q: Why does Dry Rot occur?

A: As mentioned, dry rot can occur when moisture or dampness is present in a property. Dry rot is often linked to the following problems. Our dry rot specialists in our 12 branches can help you identify the source of the problem.
Penetrating damp
Penetrating damp can be caused by external defects within your property. In most cases, this type of damp will occur due to defective rainwater goods, leaking roofs or poor pointing and render.

Rising damp
At Richardson and Starling, we also specialise in the treatment of rising damp, another factor which can contribute to the growth of dry rot. Rising damp is caused by an ineffective damp proof course.
dry rot spore body on the floor boards
Condensation is another problem that many of our customers face. It is important that your home is sufficiently ventilated. Poor Ventilation can lead to a number of property problems, including damp.

Any unprotected timber that becomes damp above 20% moisture content can be affected by dry rot.

Q: What type of properties can Dry Rot effect?

A: The fact is, dry rot can affect all types of properties. Whether your home is a flat, apartment, bungalow or detached house, it is possible that your home could be suffering with damp and this can put the timbers in your home at risk.

Depending on your home's environmental conditions, dry rot can grow up to half a metre per month. You might have guessed it but dry rot gets its name from the affected timber dry and brittle state, this infection leaves timber ruined and stripped away of its nutrients. For dry rot to occur, the timber must have a high moisture content.

Professional Dry Rot treatment in Scotland and Cumbria

It is important that you have a property care expert to treat your dry rot problem. If left to spread, dry rot can be extremely damaging to your property.

Dry rot is a serious timber condition, if you have identified dry rot in your property, we would recommend that you have it assessed and treated sooner rather the later. The quicker you have it treated the less time and money it will cost you in the long run.

At Richardson and Starling, we have a team of fully experienced and qualified specialists, that can travel to properties across Scotland and Cumbria.

Our specialists can visit your property to identify the extent of dry rot decay using our high-quality equipment.

Richardson and Starling have access to all of the latest diagnostic tools and survey technology, that can help us give you the accurate information you will ned to treat your dry rot problem.

Why choose Richardson and Starling for Dry Rot?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose Richardson and Starling. We have a team of fully qualified surveyors that can travel to homes all over Scotland and Cumbria.

Dry rot should not be underestimated. Your treatment will be completed professionally using only the safest treatments. We have been eradicating dry rot since 1935 and have over 80 years of experience behind us, our trained surveyors will:
  • Firstly, accurately identify the dry rot fungus, assess the scale, type and scope of the damage that the dry rot has caused
  • Identify the source of moisture which is causing the dry rot
  • Detail a bespoke specification to deal with the dry rot attack
  • Our team will strip out property fabric including wood and plaster that has been damaged by the effects of dry rot
  • We will then replace the timber that has had to be removed
  • Fungicidal treatment will be made safely to the masonry and timber in the affected area
  • All fabrics will be reinstated to leave your home ready for decoration.
  • Throughout the whole process out team will offer you honest and most accurate advice on the best way to treat your dry rot problem.
Dry rot repairs in progress  - floor joists
We have over eight decades of giving our customers successful property surveys and repairs. We are very proud of our staff and achievements and are confident that we can work with you to eradicate your dry rot problem.

Trust is important and we want all of our customers’ to have peace of mind that their treatment will be completed efficiently and effectively. We believe that a job done should be done well.
Did you know that our repairs and treatment are covered for up to 30 years? A thirty year guaranteed will be detailed in our report and is automatically transferred to new owners.

We are confident in the standard of our work that we are pleased to issue a guarantee you can trust.

Being in business for over 80 years we are happy to give a 30-year guarantee for the treatment of dry rot, rising damp, woodworm and wet rot repairs.
30 year dry rot repair guarantee

Dry Rot treatment and Richardson and Starling

Our team is extremely successful. Awarded “Contractor of The Year” by The Property Care association, your property will be in the best hands with our dedicated team.

With something as delicate as dry rot, it is important you instruct someone who can be methodical while they are working. We are extremely passionate about property preservation and the service we offer not only covers dry rot treatment but all types of property repair work. You can trust us from the initial survey through to treatment and repair with our guarantee issued for your peace of mind.
We take the dry rot process extremely seriously and will complete an in-depth survey and issue a detailed report before any work is started.

We have seen dry rot invade homes many times. Our qualified team will be sure to keep you updated on the process, using their experience to help and support you from start to finish.
Contractor of the year award
When a member of our team visits your property, you’ll know that you’re getting the benefit of professionalism, experience and an understanding of how to deliver long lasting repairs.

Let's get started: Dry Rot treatment

Get in touch today if you suspect that there is dry rot growing in your property or request an dry rot survey.

We 12 branches in Scotland and North England. Our local Surveyors and teams understand the specific requirements of their area. We are the leading property repairs specialists and there isn’t a dry rot problem that we cannot fix!

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