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Although concrete buildings and materials are incredibly long-lasting, even the most solid structures will deteriorate eventually. Richardson and Starling’s Ayr specialists can provide a concrete repair solution to any concrete damage on your window sills, lintels, canopies or concrete steps. Reach out to our Ayr branch today for advice or to arrange a property survey.

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    Concrete Repair Specialists

    Richardson & Starling are one of the oldest and most respected property preservation and repair contractors in the UK. Regardless of whether the job is big or small, we treat each customer with the utmost care. As the above paragraphs illustrates, our property preservation specialists utilise a wide variety of solutions to resolve your concrete repair issues. Regardless of whether the problem is caused by corrosive elements, structural deficiencies or natural deterioration our concrete repair specialists have a solution for every problem. Our timely effective and on-budget repairs help your property to regain its prime look. With over 600 positive reviews across numerous review directories, our Ayr concrete repair specialists provide a service you can rely on.

    Cost-effective Concrete Repair Solutions

    Richardson and Starling’s have been repairing properties since 1935. Our Ayr concrete repair specialists have gained the necessary knowledge to provide the most cost-effective repair solutions. Our concrete repair specialists provide a wide range of structural repair solutions for concrete defects such as:

    Concrete Lintel Repair

    Concrete lintels are structural building elements which are used above openings in walls, doors and windows to support the weight above. Openings create a weak point so the lintel must be structurally sound to maintain integrity. If the steel reinforcement bars that are inside of the concrete lintel start to corrode due to penetration damp, the bar diameter expands due to rust and causes the concrete to crack. Cracks above or below these openings, doors or windows could suggest a significant weakening of the lintel which requires repair works to be carried out.

    Concrete Window Sill Repair

    Deterioration to your concrete window sills can seriously impact the look of your property’s and cause water penetration. If there are cracks through your window sill it is important you reach out to our Ayr specialists who will inspect your property and guide you through the process of repairing your window sills to their prime soundness and aesthetics.

    Concrete Column Repair

    Ensuring your concrete columns are as structurally sound as they should be is fundamental to maintaining the structural integrity of your property. Our Ayr specialists can survey your structural defect and specify the most cost-effective concrete repair solution to strengthen the column and rediscover its prime look.

    Concrete Canopy Repair

    It is possible that concrete canopies which are starting to crumble could become a serious hazard to occupiers of the property and visitors. In order to ensure that your property does not pose this risk, it is critical that you consult with our Ayr specialists who will repair your concrete canopy.

    Concrete Step Repair

    Over time, you may notice the quality of your concrete steps deteriorating or they may become damaged with visible signs of the concrete crumbling and wearing. If you would like to restore this area of your property then contact our Ayr concrete repair specialists. Our quick setting concrete solutions will repair and renovate your steps and allow the task to be completed quickly.

    Wall Crack Stitching

    If you notice any cracks or damage to your walls, you must seek professional help immediately. Damage to your wall could be caused by several issues including defective cavity wall ties, dry or wet rot, settlement or even impact damage. Our Ayr specialists can use our system of masonry crack stitching or lateral restraint to repair the faults in your wall.

    Our specialists are trained in the structural repairs of properties and will be able to provide useful advice on how to solve your problem. If required, our specialists can provide a quotation if you wish to proceed with the repairs. After the extent of the problem and source are identified, our Ayr specialists will specify the most effective course of action to take to ensure the problem is eradicated. In the event of a serious structural issue, we may recommend the area be reviewed by a structural engineer.

    Collaborating with a Structural Engineer

    Richardson and Starling’s Ayr specialists can provide the concrete repair service for your property. If the concrete damage in your home is purely aesthetical our Ayr specialists will be able to carry out the repairs themselves. For example, concrete damage on your concrete steps or your window sills, lintels or canopies. However, if required our specialists may recommend structural defects to be surveyed by a structural engineer. If the damage has affected the structural stability of your property, this engineer will collaborate with our specialists to help repair the structural concrete defect. This demonstrates the importance of utilising our specialists who will not perform work which may impact the structure of the property without collaborating with a structural engineer.


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