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Although concrete buildings and materials are incredibly long-lasting, even the most solid structures will deteriorate eventually. Richardson and Starling’s Dundee specialists can provide a concrete repair solution to any concrete damage on your window sills, lintels, canopies or concrete steps. Reach out to our Dundee branch today for advice or to arrange a property survey.

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Concrete Repair Specialists

Richardson & Starling are one of the eldest and most respected property preservation and repair contractors in the UK. No matter how big or small the job, every customer is treated with the same level of attention and care. Our specialists possess a variety of different solutions which can resolve your concrete problems. Our concrete surveyors have a solution for every single type of concrete problem whether it is due to structural issues, corrosive elements or deterioration over time. While sticking to the agreed budget and timescale, our specialists will help your property regain the appearance it had back in its prime. With over 700 positive reviews across numerous review directories, our Dundee concrete repair specialists provide a service you can rely on.

Cost-effective Concrete Repair Solutions

From Richardson and Starling’s foundation in 1935, our concrete repair specialists in Dundee have acquired the knowledge needed to provide cost-effective repair solutions. We can provide structural repair solutions in Dundee area for the following concrete issues:

Concrete Lintel Repair

Structural building elements such as concrete lintels are used above openings in doors, windows and walls in order to support the weight above it. There is a weak point created as a result of the openings so the lintel must be as structurally sound as possible to support the property’s structure. Inside of the lintel, steel bars may start to deteriorate due to damp and expand due to rust which can result in cracking of the concrete. Cracks above or below the windows of doors could indicate a substantial decrease in the strength of the lintel and repairs may be necessary.

Concrete Window Sill Repair

Structural deficiencies in your concrete window sills can impact the integrity of your property’s overall structure. If there are cracks through your window sill it is important you reach out to our Dundee specialists who will inspect your property and guide you through the process of rebuilding your window sills to their prime soundness and aesthetics.

Concrete Column Repair

Your concrete columns must be as structurally secure as possible in order to ensure your property’s structural integrity is maintained. Our specialists based in Dundee can analyse your structural issues and identify the most effective repair solution which will improve the column and improve it aesthetically.

Concrete Canopy Repair

Concrete canopies can crumble and potentially causing a serious hazard to visitors of a property or the occupiers. Our Dundee specialists will ensure that your concrete canopy is suitably strengthened so that your property does not pose this risk and prevents a serious accident.

Concrete Step Repair

Naturally, the quality of your concrete steps will diminish over time. The most obvious signs tend to be crumbling concrete or general wear and tear. If you want your steps to rediscover their glory days then you should contact our Dundee concrete repair specialists. Quick setting solutions can help to rejuvenate your concrete stairs rapidly. Quick setting products allow our specialists to complete the task in a short period of time as it can be solid within just one hour.

Wall Crack Stitching

Cracks or damage appearing in your walls can be a worrying experience for any property owner. These damages to your walls can be a result of issues such as wet or dry rot, impact damage or even settlement. Identifying the source of the issue can be difficult for the untrained eye, which is why you should reach out to our Dundee specialists as soon as you can. Crack stitching or lateral restraint are systems which our specialists can use to repair these issues in your walls.

Our structural repairs specialists can provide you with advice regarding solving your structural issues. A quote can be provided if you want to continue with the repairs. Upon evaluating the scale of the problem and where the source is, our Dundee specialists will identify the most effective plan to implement in order to eradicate your issues. If serious structural issues are detected, our specialists will likely reach out to a structural engineer to collaborate.

Collaborating with a Structural Engineer

Richardson & Starling’s Dundee concrete repair specialists are capable of offering an effective service for your property in Dundee. Structural issues can often be the cause of concrete damage, however, if it is purely aesthetic this can be easily repaired by our Dundee specialists. Damage on your concrete window cills, steps, lintels or canopies can be rectified by our specialists. Our specialists may recommend that they collaborate with a structural engineer. If our specialists believe there is even the slightest chance that there may be a structural issue in the property, they will call in a structural engineer to survey the area. Hiring people who may not place the same importance on calling in a structural engineer if necessary risks severely damaging your property which can cause additional repair costs.

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