Structural Timber Resin Repair FAQ

Structural Timber Resin Repair

Delve into our FAQ on Structural Timber Resin Repair, demystifying the process and benefits with Richardson and Starling.

Resin repairs are used to repair or strengthen timber within a building. Resins are fluid and workable to mould and can be used for a whole range of repairs due to its versatility. It is mostly used within structural timber repairs because of its strength and non-porous composition that makes a tight bond with any timber elements. Damp affected timbers soon start to rot and lose their structural integrity, therefore, it is important to remove affected timbers and rebuild the structure. Timber resin repairs can offer a cost-effective solution by repairing only the damaged area instead of replacing the whole timber structure.

The truth is, you may find it difficult to identify whether or not you need a timber resin repair. If you have noticed rot affected timber within your property, then its clear that the affected area needs to be treated. Using timber resin repair systems is one of our rot repair options, but it should only be specified by a professional property surveyor.

If you believe that you have structural timber damage, then you should contact your local Richardson & Starling office straight away. One of our experienced surveyors will visit your property to assess the problem and identify the most effective course of action.

Resin has long been used for structural timber repairs because of the benefits it provides and its effectiveness in timber repairs. Some of the benefits of resin repairs are:

  • They minimise disturbance – Using resin repair means that you can retain existing ceilings and floor fabric but still make an effective repair to the structural timbers. Many other types of timber repair will involve demolishing much more of the property to get access for the repair, often leaving the property uninhabitable for longer and costing more for the repair.
  • Keep your building in use – With other types of repair whole sections of a building are often exposed and unable to be used. A resin repair will only need to expose the localised area.
  • Retain the structure – Resin repairs aim to save the existing timber through repair of the rot affected timber only.
  • Durability – Resin is resistant to moisture and therefore minimises the chances of a future fungal attack.
  • Match exposed timber profiles – Ornate exposed structural timbers can be repaired to match the existing profile.

Learn more about structural timber repairs from our real-life case study.

For structural timber repairs there are several types of repair we use. After carrying out a survey of your property, we will assess which of these repairs will be the most effective to solve the property problem. Some of the most common types of repair we carry out for structural timber damage include:

  • Solid Resin
  • Timber Resin Splice (TRS)
  • Crack and Shake Repair
  • Joinery & Cosmetic

We have been delivering property care and repair for over 85 years. Being a part of a larger group provided us with an opportunity built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in effective value for money property preservation. We are customer focused specialists who want to deliver the most cost-effective repairs to solve your property problem. See our customer reviews and trust Richardson & Starling with your structural timber repairs.