Structural Wall Repair FAQ

Structural Wall Repair

Navigate our FAQ on Structural Wall Repairs to understand the essentials and solutions with Richardson and Starling.

There are a number of structural wall repair services our property care team at Richardson and Starling can do to help repair structural damage to your walls. Our teams across the country can provide the following services:

  • Masonry Crack Stitching
  • Lintel Repairs
  • Over Beaming
  • Expansion Joints
  • Lateral Restraints
  • Remedial Wall Ties

Damage occurs to masonry walls due to various reasons such as subsidence or movement due to structural alteration or expansion and contraction of materials.

Cracks appearing on property walls is the most common sign that a structural defect is occurring. If this is happening to your property we would advise a property survey by a surveyor from our wall repair specialist team.

Crack stitching is a type of masonry repair. The name suggests what it does as it is the method used to repair cracked walls. At Richardson and Starling, we use our masonry crack stitching systems to reinforce the walls stability. Our team will use different types of crack stitching bars, which will be grouted across the cracks or pinned into the masonry. This method reconnects the wall allowing any loads to be transferred through the masonry.

Our team use our crack stitching systems to repair cracked masonry of any kind as it offers the ideal solution to the problem and stabilises the wall. This type of repair will not only provide structural integrity to your property but will also protect against penetrating damp at the cracked masonry area after repair. It is important that your property is protected against moisture as it may lead to a damp problem within your home and cause deterioration to internal fabric.

In most cases your cracked wall can be fixed by localised repair works. If you are unsure if we can help you, call us today and we will talk you through the masonry crack stitching process.

Most of the properties we visit requiring masonry crack stitching can be repaired with our crack stitching systems. Crack stitching is reliable and can be completed quicker than rebuilding the existing brick or stonework. If you have a cracked wall and are thinking about crack stitching as a repair method, it would be a good value for money solutio

The most modern methods of lintel repair are not only quick but, in most cases, can be carried out with little disruption. This common problem can occur in properties of all ages and all types. Lintel repair is very common in Victorian buildings. Failed wall structure can be extremely dangerous, and it may be causing a threat to you and your family’s safety.

Our surveyors will be able to tell if your brick arch/soldier course lintels are failing. If they are then it is vital that you have them repaired. If the lintels in your wall are sagging, then it will cause the masonry above to drop and crack. This small problem can develop into something very serious as your property will begin to lose its structural integrity.

Does your property require lintel repair? This straightforward procedure can be completed by a member of our structural wall repair team. Before any work is started on your property, Richardson and Starling will carry out a physical investigation into what is causing the breakdown of the wall. After the survey, we will recommend a suitable repair specification to deal with the property issue.

Our team can use a combination of ties and resin injection systems to restore the structural integrity of the lintel while maintaining the aesthetics of the wall.

Sometimes walls start to move away from the floors in a property and this can cause bulging to the masonry. Lateral restraints tie the wall back into the floor to achieve a sound tie back for the wall and stabilise the building structure. Should your property have this problem then our surveyor requires to lift floors to inspect the wall floor construction and to investigate the cause of the wall movement prior to issuing a detailed specification of repairs.

If the external walls of your property are built with a cavity construction then the 2 walls will be tied together with wall ties. Sometimes the wall ties corrode or there may not be enough existing ties to stop the external wall from moving. Richardson & Starling can survey the existing wall tie condition and position within the wall and offer a practical solution to ensure that the cavity wall remains structurally sound to carry out the purpose it was designed to do. There are many types of wall ties and it is important that the correct remedial wall tie is used to suite the site conditions

It’s an understatement to say that historic buildings are prone to wear and tear. For years we have been working with clients to help them restore or repair the walls in historic buildings.

Before any work goes ahead we will establish what the problem is and what making repairs will do to the structure. It is important that the minimum repairs are done to resolve the problem as we want minimum disruption to the existing building. The first step is for one of our Richardson and Starling surveyors to carry out a thorough survey to ensure that we understand the property and the issues that require to be resolved with sympathetic repairs.

Would you like to find out more about our services for historic buildings? Call us today for a chat and a member of your local team can talk you through the services available.

We are confident in the standard of our work that we are pleased to issue a guarantee you can trust. Our GPI supported guarantee offers peace of mind up to 30-years for all remedial cavity wall tie replacement works and the length of the guarantee for wall repairs will be detailed in your report.

We have over eight decades of giving our customers successful property surveys and repairs. We are very proud of our staff and achievements and are confident that we can work with you to eradicate your masonry problem.