Timber Window Repair

Most window companies would advise you to replace your windows if there is a problem with them. Go on any window company’s website and they will tell you to replace your traditional windows with a modern equivalent. It is quite often the case that timber windows are a key part of the building’s character and the cost of replacing these traditional fixtures can be costly. Richardson & Starling are specialists in traditional window repair. In fact, we deal with all kinds of timber window repair – even sash window restoration and we also deal with draught proofing sash windows.

Draught Proofing

Due to the nature of timber windows they can become loose or shaky over time and this can allow draughts to enter the building. Draught proofing sash windows, or any type of timber window repair can resolve the draught issues. These problems can be solved by Richardson & Starling fitting our draught-proofing systems. Sash window draught proofing in Glasgow and the UK is quite popular due to the unique architecture and listed buildings repair methods required to keep the property looking the same. Sash window restoration is important as these are a unique aspect of any building and by replacing them with a modern equivalent you run the risk of damaging the overall character of the building. 
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Sash Window Repair

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A sash window is one which is made of one or more panels which comprise a frame to hold the glass panels and these are placed in a casement frame to allow opening of the window. This type of window is most typically found in Georgian or Victorian buildings. These windows give an undoubtedly classic feel to any building and there are now modern double-glazed sash windows available but these can be frowned upon as they are less authentic. If you are lucky enough to have traditional sash windows in your property, then you should preserve these with Richardson & Starling. Sash window restoration is a fantastic way to keep these traditional fixtures alive and functioning. Due to the amount of old architecture in Scotland, sash windows feature in a lot of properties. Indeed, Richardson & Starling provide sash window repair to clients all over Scotland and the North of England. 
Sash window repairs in Scotland are important to preserving the beauty of our buildings. Two of our key cities are Glasgow and Edinburgh; sash window repair in Edinburgh and sash window repairs in Glasgow are just two of many places we provide our services. One of the main types of restoration we provide is repairing pockets of rot affecting the timber. This is a problem with sash windows due to their nature they tend to be affected by wood decay which can be repaired with one of our Timber Resin repair systems. If you are interested in repairing or draught proofing sash windows, then call us today to arrange a survey

Window Repair or Replacement – Which is Needed?

The windows of your home can say a lot about your home in general. Not only do they add aesthetic value but they can also enhance the value of your property. Windows are a long-lasting investment but over the years you will probably require some form of window repair. 

Repairable Timber Windows

It is important to keep your windows in good condition. This can be achieved with regular maintenance. Windows protect your home from bad weather and draughts. If they have deteriorated, then this will cause problems to the fabric of your property and it may mean you require draught proofing or general repairs to ensure that they operate effectively. 

If your timber windows have deteriorated, then it is important you receive a window repair service as soon as possible. Depending on what damage has been done, there are several elements that are easily repairable and this could be done by you. If you require window replacement, then this is also a service we can provide. Our skilled surveyors will identify the most cost-effective solution to your problem. 

Factors Which Can Cause a Fault or Deterioration to your Windows

There are many factors which can contribute to the breakdown of your windows:
  • Paintwork Deterioration – paintwork deterioration will tarnish the exterior of your home and let moisture get to the timber of your window which could cause rot. If paint on your window sills is starting to wear, then the timber should be checked for rot and the windows repaired with a microporous external paint system. This is a common problem for homes which have been built before 1960. It is recommended that you maintain the paintwork on the outside of your property in regular intervals of 2 and 5 years. Professional window repair could be avoided if you simply maintain your windows over time. 
  • Rotten Sills – this is a common problem that many homes with timber windows face. By contacting Richardson & Starling, this type of damage can be stopped with our window repair service. We will carry out our window repair by using our Timber Resin Repair System, meaning that you will not need to pay for a full window replacement. If it is not cost effective to carry out the window repair, our surveyor will let you know. Having rotten sills can compromise the security of the window structure. At Richardson & Starling, we have specialist teams who repair all types of properties that are affected by dry and wet rot
  • Snapped Sash Cord – sash windows are counter-balanced by two sets of weights that are hidden in each side of the window. The weights are hung on cords that run over a pulley wheel at the top of each window frame. It is not uncommon for these cords to snap or the weights become stuck which can make the window difficult to open. Our team provide sash window repairs in Scotland and the North of England for just this type of problem. 
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  • Damaged Putty to the Glazing – Quite often water gets into timber through defective putty and this causes deterioration to the window. The putty condition needs to be assessed and repaired to protect your window. 

The Advantages of Window Repair over Replacement

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We can repair your timber window which has been affected by wood decay, which isn’t something most companies will offer. Not only that, our window repair services are quick, effective, extremely durable and allow the property to retain its original appearance. Sash window restoration or casement window restoration are usually the two main types of window repair we see. This is due to them quite often suffering from rattles and draughts – this can be eliminated by draught proofing, using one of our draught-proofing systems. 

Replacing a window completely can be an expensive process. Richardson & Starling provide a survey for all our clients. In doing this we can identify the most cost effective solution to your window repair problem. Should a replacement window be required, these are made to measure and fitted with care by one of our window repair specialists. 
We are extremely proud of the quality of our work and because of this we offer a 5-year guarantee on all our window repair services.

Types of Window Repair

All types of timber windows and glazed screens can be repaired on-site. This is more cost effective than replacing your windows. Generally, the window has deteriorated due to lack of maintenance and a localised window repair will usually bring the window back to health. Should window repair not be cost effective, our surveyor would explain this to you to get the most effective and value for money solution.

We can effectively repair any external timbers and repair timber conservatories which are cost effective for our client’s and offer a 5-year guarantee on our repairs. We repaired the Belleisle Country Park Conservatory in Ayr where due to extensive rot the conservatory had been closed for many years and is now open to the public again.

Why Choose Richardson & Starling for Window Repair

At Richardson & Starling we provide a 5-year guarantee on all our timber window repair. We have eight decades of successful property surveys and repairs experience. Home repairs can be extremely stressful for property owners and that is why we keep our client’s fully informed so they understand the process to bring their windows back to a good condition and working effectively.

We are extremely confident we can complete your timber window repair to the highest standard and that is why we offer the Richardson & Starling guarantee. 

Before we go ahead with your timber window repair, the length of guarantee will be detailed on your report. We make sure that our customers are satisfied with their window repair plan before the job begins. This means that you are fully involved and aware of the terms and conditions. 
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After our on-site survey to assess the condition of the windows and what type of window repair is necessary, you will be given a copy of our report where the repair schedule is documented and if you intend to sell your property, the guarantee will be automatically transferred to the new owners. 

At Richardson and Starling, we want to make sure that you are as confident in our standards of work as we are.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Timber Window Repairs

Window Repair Case Study

The Apex Hotel is a grand old building in Edinburgh. When the owners decided to renovate the building, it was clear that they’d want to maintain the existing timber windows. We were contacted to survey, renovate and provide draught proofing for sash windows as well as their case windows. We wanted to provide a sash window repair that would maintain the beautiful façade. The windows were completely refurbished with new ironmongery and an easy cleaning system was fitted. The result of this window repair project was that this sash window repair in Edinburgh was a huge success and they were as attractive as they were originally, more durable, fully operational and easier for the owners to look after. 

Thank you for your great customer service and excellent quality of workmanship.

Mrs Cumming
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