Timber Window Repair FAQ

Timber Windows Repair

Dive into our Timber Window Repair FAQ to learn about restoration techniques and insights with Richardson and Starling.

Richardson and Starling have teams across Scotland and the North of England that can help you restore your timber windows. Are you the owner of an older property with bespoke Timber windows? Timber windows are extremely recognisable as they add an element of character to a property.

Although timber windows are extremely desirable, they can deteriorate with age. Your timber windows need to be looked after with good maintenance. Due to their longevity, they may face problems such as rotting, sticking, compromised security, draughts and rattles.

The windows of your home can tell someone a lot about what they will find on the inside. Not only do windows add aesthetic value but they can also enhance the value of your property. Windows are a long-lasting investment, however, over the years they may need to be repaired. Our surveyor can inspect your windows and give you the best cost-effective advice on whether your windows should be repaired or replaced.

Existing sash and case windows may allow draughts into your home and cause rattles when it is windy. This is due to the sash not fitting properly in the casement. To fix these issues you can fit bespoke draught proofing to your existing window.

The Key Benefits of this system include:

  • Prevents draughts and rattles
  • Reduces noise and dust levels
  • Improves sash sliding action
  • Improves energy efficiency and comfort levels

It is important that you keep your home’s windows in the best condition possible with regular maintenance. Windows safeguard your home from poor weather and draughts. If they have deteriorated this will be causing problems to the fabric of your property.

If your timber windows performance has deteriorated it is important that they are repaired as soon as possible. Depending on what damage has been done, there are several elements that are easily repaired to get your window working as it should.

All types of timber windows and glazed screens can be repaired on site. This is more cost effective than replacing your windows. Generally, the window has deteriorated due to lack of maintenance and a localised repair and overhaul will usually bring the window back to health. Should repairs not be cost effective our surveyor would explain this and advise the most effective and value for money solution for your window issues.

Paintwork deterioration
Paintwork deterioration will tarnish the exterior of your home and let moisture get to the timber of your window which could cause rot. If the paint on your window sills is starting to wear, then the timber should be checked for rot and the windows repainted with a microporous external paint system.

This is a common problem for homes and regular painting to protect your windows should be done. Is the paintwork on the outside of your property beginning to crack and flake?

It is recommended that you maintain the paintwork on the outside of your home in regular intervals of between 2 and 5 years.

Rotten sills
Rotten sills are a common problem that many homes with timber windows face. By contacting Richardson and Starling, this type of damage can be repaired. We will repair your windows using our Timber Resin Repair System meaning you will not need to pay for a full replacement of your window. If it is not cost effective to repair your window our surveyor will let you know.

It is important that you keep your window sills in a good condition. Rotten sills can compromise the security of the window structure. At Richardson and Starling, we have specialist teams who repair all types of properties that are affected by dry and wet rot and will detail a specification of remedial works to solve the problem.

Snapped sash cord
Previously mentioned, sash (or double-hung) windows are counter-balanced by two sets of weights that are hidden in each side of the window. The weights are hung on cords that run over a pulley wheel at the top of each window frame. It is not uncommon for these cords to snap which can make the window difficult to open. Our team can repair the damaged cords and balance the weights to ensure easy opening of the window.

Damaged putty to the glazing
Often water has got to the timber through defective putty and caused deterioration to the timber window. The putty condition needs to be assessed and repaired to protect your window.

We have over eight decades of successful property survey and repair experience. Home repairs can be extremely stressful for property owners which is why we offer every one of our customer’s support and discuss the requirements for their property issues.

We are extremely confident that we can complete your timber window repair to the highest standard and therefore are able to offer the Richardson & Starling guarantee you can trust. Our timber window repairs and replacements are covered for 5 years and this can be renewed after a condition survey for another 5 years. After our on-site survey to assess the condition of your window you will be given a copy of the report where this promise is documented and if you intend to sell your property, it will be automatically transferred to its new owners.

The nature of timber window repair means that we often work with historic and listed buildings. It is very important to understand the construction and be sympathetic in doing the minimum repairs to solve the window problems. Our strategy is to only remove the rot affected timber to fix the damaged areas and leave as much of the existing timber window intact.

Your property will not be left in better hands than with Richardson and Starling. Our teams across Scotland and the North of England are fully trained and have experience working on some of the UK’s oldest properties.