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Wet Rot can occur when timber wood comes into contact with water or moisture and decays. It can be far more common than dry rot, especially when timber is exposed outside, rainfall can cause wet rot. Get in touch with our property surveyors today who will be able to accurately diagnose any issues with wet rot and use their experience to solve any issue.

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What Causes Wet Rot?

High moisture levels affecting the timber is the main cause of wet rot. If moisture content rises above 20% this can then cause the spores in the wood to germinate which eventually leads to rot. Moisture essentially comes from various forms of damp which can affect your property. Wet rot can occur from rising damp, condensation, penetrating damp, plumping leaks or gutter and downpipe problems.

If wet rot does occur it can lead to serious structural damage if not treated as quickly as possible. If not treated the wet rot will continue to grow on the affected piece of wood and will eventually affect the strength of the wood. However, it should be noted that wet rot does not spread through masonry as it will only impact the area of damp timber.

How to Identify Wet Rot

It can be difficult to notice wet rot if the area of timber is hidden however if you do notice any wood which is soft and spongy, looking darker than normal or showing signs of cracking then this could be a sign of wet rot. More signs of wet rot would include:

  • Discolouration of timber tends to be present
  • Cracking and shrinking of the timber
  • Paint finish can appear damaged
  • Loss of strength of the timber
  • Visible fungal growth
  • Damp musty smell

Although dry rot can spread much further than wet rot, you should still ensure you give one of our experienced property surveyors a call so they can determine the extent of the damage and properly treat it. Contact your East Lothian branch for advice or to arrange a property survey on 0131 3576290

Wet Rot Treatment & Repair

The first step in treating wet rot is to find the source of the moisture. Maybe it is a plumbing fault, a blocked gutter or a recent flood that has caused the damage? Once there is an indication of where the moisture is coming from then we will install a damp proof barrier to help protect against further damage. We can repair the damaged part of timber wood by treating it with a fungicidal solution or even replacing the affected piece of timer.

Due to there being different stages of wet rot, there is different levels of wet rot treatment as a result. At Richardson & Starling, we have experience in repairing all types of property issues of all sizes. For your peace of mind, we give you a 30-year guarantee for our rot repair works. Get in touch with your East Lothian branch for advice or a property survey.

Wet Rot Survey

The cost of treating wet rot incorrectly can be extremely expensive and cause further damage to your property so it is vital you hire a professional service and not just any wet rot company. Speak with our East Lothian branch who will be happy to help deal with your property problem. We will assess the wet rot outbreak, issue a report and a cost-effective solution.

Our qualified rot surveyor will closely investigate the affected area and measure the scale of the problem. At Richardson and Starling, we only supply experienced surveyors who are highly trained in all types of rot and damp problems that could affect your property. This means that our surveyor will be able to complete the survey and give the appropriate remedial recommendations no matter what problem is identified.

Timber Preservation Specialists

Most structures throughout the United Kingdom have large sections of the building formed by timber. Whether it is supporting beams and posts, or simply the roof timber has been used for thousands of years and is still one of the most commonly used building materials today.

As a result, decay by fungal growth and infestation by wood boring insects is extremely common and can affect any unprotected timber in your building.

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