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Q: What is Wet Rot?

A: Wet rot is the common name which is used to describe a number of wood destroying fungi species. The most common wet rot wood destroying species is “coniophora puteana” which is otherwise known as cellar fungus.

Wet rot fungi can affect timber that becomes damp and the fungi grows by breaking down the walls of wood cells and feeding on the nutrients. This process can be extremely damaging to the structure of your home and it may result in a loss of structural strength of the timber.

Q: How Big A Problem Is Wet Rot?

Piece of wood that is damaged by wet rot
A: Firstly, wet rot should not be confused with the similarly named timber condition, dry rot. Although wet rot does not spread like dry rot, if it is left untreated, it could still cause structural damage to your home.

Wet rot targets unprotected timber that is affected by damp. Due to the often poor weather conditions in the UK, wet rot is extremely common.

Wet rot can cause structural defects within buildings, especially if they are unchecked with no wet rot treatment programme implemented.

Q: How Wet Rot occurs?

A: This may seem fairly obvious, but in order to grow, the timber requires to be affected by a source of moisture. There are a number of things you can look out for that can cause the growth of wet rot on timbers. Rising damp, faulty plumbing, gutters, downpipes, stone pointing and poor external render can all cause water penetration to affect built in timbers and result in an outbreak of wet rot.

Wet rot spores germinate and grow due to these faults as damp raises the moisture content of the timber above 20% and puts the timber at risk. Once the timber becomes infected, it will eventually lead to the timber losing its strength.

Q: Wet Rot – Spotting the signs

A: You may be wondering what the signs are of wet rot affecting your home. If you recognise any of the signs below, we advise that you contact a member of the team immediately.
  • Do you recognise a damp musty smell within your home? 
  • Is timber in your home cracking and beginning to soften? 
  • Does your floor move when you walk over it? 
  • Is timber in your home discoloured or weak? 
  • Is there fungal growth on sections of your wood? 
Wet rot is not too difficult to Identify. Although this is the case, there are a number of forms of wet rot and each affects timber in different ways.
Wood timber cut that show the internal wet rot damage
It is important to ensure that the outbreak of wet rot is diagnosed properly and that you are sure it is not dry rot. If you do not have the qualifications to identify and treat the outbreak you could make the situation worse. In the past, many of our customers have had difficulty identifying the difference between wet rot and dry rot. Dry rot is a serious wood destroying fungi that can be extremely damaging to the structure of your home.

If there is no obvious fungus present on the section of the wood it is sometime difficult to determine wet rot from dry rot. One of our property care experts will have the ability to strip back the wood behind the decayed timber, to get to the heart of the problem and diagnose the rot type and then specify the necessary treatment to eradicate it.

Q: How to fix a Wet Rot problem?

A: With something as serious as wet rot, it will require an expert’s attention. In most cases, wet rot decay is typically found in the wettest areas of a property.

This may not be an easy problem to fix as you must find and eliminate the source of the water ingress. This will make sure that the rot will not return. Wet rot treatment generally involves the replacement and treatment of timber within the infected area.

Even if you are questioning the idea that there might be wet rot in your property, we would advise that you have it checked with one of our experienced property surveyors. A member of our team will be able to recognise and expose the scope of your wet rot problem.

Q: Do we offer a Wet Rot Guarantee?

A: We are extremely confident that we can help you resolve your wet rot problem. Our business has been helping homes across Scotland and North England for over eight decades. The longevity of our business is due to the success of our property surveys and repairs.
The Richardson and Starling team are extremely proud of their achievements. We want to continue our level of success by offering all of our customers the same, quality treatment.

Our full rot treatment is covered by our 30-year guarantee . We understand that property care and repair isn’t always straightforward, this is why we give our customers peace of mind when it comes to their specific property repair with the issue of a guarantee that they can trust.
30 Year Guarantee on our Wet Rot works
This means that our repairs and treatment in your property are covered for up to 30 years. After your home has been surveyed, a member of our team will go through the detailed report which we have created uniquely for you.

What does our 30 Year Guarantee include?
Our 30-year guarantee covers the work as detailed within our report and specification and we look to give our client peace of mind that the wet rot problem is fixed and will not return.

Q: Where is Wet Rot commonly found?

A: When unprotected timber in your property becomes damp then the timber could be at risk of an attack of wet rot. Every home is different and the rot can occur anywhere, however, wet rot is commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms. Wet rot can also attack floors quicker in rooms with restricted ventilation.

The most common causes of damp affecting timber in your home are due to building defects such as penetrating damp due to defective external render or pointing, rainwater goods, and roof defects. Also, internal plumbing leaks, rising damp or damp areas below floors can cause the wet rot to germinate and affect the timber.

Wet Rot Treatment in Scotland and Cumbria

Where dry rot tends to grow and travel through your building wet rot fungal decay stays in the vicinity of the timber affected by the source of the dampness. Wet rot is much more common than dry rot however if left to develop it can still cause severe structural damage to your property.
At Richardson and Starling, we deliver our customers an effective wet rot treatment from start to finish. The wet rot treatment that we will use in your home will prevent the regeneration of the rot in the most effective way.

We have been in the property care sector for over eight decades and are known for our quality service and expert advice on wet rot. If you are concerned about the appearance or condition of timber in your home, we would be more than happy to chat about it. Call our wet rot and dry rot team in your area today to speak to one of our property care experts who are based in offices across Scotland and Cumbria.
Crumbling timber beam damaged by wet rot

Wet Rot treatment and Richardson and Starling

At Richardson and Starling, we are extremely proud of our team’s success with problems such as wet rot. You will be pleased to know that your property will be in the hands of the “UK Contractor of The Year” awarded by our trade body, The Property Care Association.
Property care association - contractor of the year
Property repairs and treatment requires to be done properly and once, that is why you should have your wet rot problem solved by an experienced professional. For over eight decades we have been delivering property preservation.

Our fully equipped and trained team will be able to solve your wet problem, targeting the treatment and repairing the wood. Our professionals have dealt with many cases of wet rot and will fix your wet rot problem.
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Brand reputation and customer service are both extremely important to us. Our thirty-year guarantee can be trusted as we understand that property repair problems do not go away easily and if not properly eliminated can return.

We will make sure that you are involved in the complete process, making sure you are up to date on all of the repairs and what is happening on your property. When a member of Richardson and Starling comes to survey your home, you will know that you’re getting the benefit of professionalism, experience and passion to solve your wet rot problem.
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At Richardson and Starling, we welcome public, private and commercial clients.
The great thing about our business is that our team have experience in working in a range of properties and we have local branches throughout Scotland and Cumbria. From properties old and new, big and small, your mind will be put at rest once our team restores your property back to health.
Please contact your local Richardson & Starling branch for advice or a property survey.

What’s next?
Do you suspect that there is a wet rot growth in your property? Even if you are unsure about the condition of wood in your home, feel free to call us for a chat. If you think there is a problem with the timber in your home, there most likely will be.

Wet Rot and Dry Rot specialists Glasgow and Scotland
Have you identified wet rot on your property? A Richardson and Starling professional surveyor and wet/ dry rot specialist Glasgow can confirm your wet rot diagnosis and offer you a professional treatment programme.
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