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It is far more probable that wet rot is the cause of your rot problem as opposed to dry rot. The degradation of the strength of the wood is usually located only in the region where moisture is affected the timber. Our seasoned property surveyors have the expertise to swiftly identify the source of the problem and administer the appropriate solution.

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What Causes Wet Rot?

Home > Wet Rot > Wet Rot StirlingTimber suffering from high moisture content is how wet problems begin. Wet rot flourishes in these conditions and will start to ravage the timber as soon as the moisture content level goes above an acceptable level.

The main sources of additional moisture in your property can be caused by rising damp, penetrating damp, flooding and condensation. Issues such as faulty plumbing, faulty roof coverings, failure in the damp proof course and leaking gutters are the main causes of these damp issues.

Wet rot thrives on damp affected timbers. Feeding on the wood cells, wet rot will seriously impact the strength and quality of the timber. This can potentially result in terrible structural damage if not treated efficiently and effectively. Wet rot fungus does not spread through masonry and only impacts the areas of timber which have become damp.

How to Identify Wet Rot

The various types of fungal attacks make it very difficult for an inexperienced eye to diagnose what type of rot problem they have. Cracking wood and wood appearing darker in colour are two key signs of wet rot for people to look out for.

Signs of wet rot:

  • Cracking and Shrinkage of the wood
  • Discolouration of timber tends to be present
  • Paint finish can look damaged
  • Less firm timber
  • Visible fungal growth
  • Damp musty smell

Dry rot can spread a lot further than wet rot can. However, this does not mean that wet rot cannot seriously affect the structural support of your home. Serious structural problems can occur if wet rot is not treated as soon as the wet rot issue is identified. If the mycelium or fruiting body of a fungal growth is not visible, it can make it hard to accurately identify what type of rot problem you may have.

Our proficient property surveyors will rapidly identify the cause of the problem and then provide the solution which will abolish the issue. Contact our Stirling branch for advice or to arrange a property survey.

Wet Rot Treatment & Repair

Spotting where the source of the moisture is coming from and stopping it is crucial with regards to successful wet rot treatment. There are different stages of wet rot, so there are varying levels of wet rot treatment as a result. At Richardson & Starling we have experience in repairing all types of property and rot issues of all sizes. We give you a 30-year guarantee for our full rot repair works for your and future owner’s peace of mind. Get in touch with your Stirling branch for advice or a property survey.

Wet Rot Survey

The cost of treating wet rot incorrectly can be extremely expensive and damaging to your property so it is vital you hire a professional service and not just any wet rot companies. Speak with our Stirling branch who will be happy to help deal with your property problem and assess the extent of the wet rot attack.

Our qualified rot surveyor will closely investigate the affected area and measure the scale of the problem. At Richardson and Starling, we only supply experienced surveyors who are highly trained in all types of rot and damp problems that could affect your property. This means that our surveyor will be able to complete the survey and give the appropriate remedial recommendations and cost-effective repair solutions no matter what problem is identified.

Timber Preservation Specialists

Most structures throughout the United Kingdom have large sections of the building formed by timber. Whether it is supporting beams and posts, or simply the roof timber has been used for thousands of years and is still one of the most commonly used building materials today.

As a result, decay by fungal growth and infestation by wood boring insects is extremely common.

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